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12 of 12 – July

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

Unfortunately, and coincidentally, today’s 12 is going to be (yet again) another sick-day 12.  I’ve come down with a nasty cold/flu and was unable to drag my sick ass into work this morning.  I’m crossing my fingers for August – no more sick-day 12s!  Ugh!

1. My buddy for the day.  Thankfully they make some of the boxes somewhat attractive now.  It’s alternate had a stupid bunny on it.  Lame.

2. Breakfast: Balkan yogurt with pineapple and walnuts.  It’s my yummy low-GI breakfast that keeps my bloodsugar from spiking first thing in the morning.  It’s in a Ziplock container because I had made it the night before, thinking I’d be eating it at work today.

3. My Neti Pot.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Today it didn’t.  If you’ve never seen one before, let me tell you how it works:  pointy end goes in one nostril, head is tipped to the side over the sink, water (a saline solution) goes in one side and (hopefully) out the other.  It’s an uncomfortable process, but when it works it’s awesome.  Today my nose was so plugged that it just ran down my throat.  Yuck.

4. My teapot.  (Not to be confused with my Neti Pot.  Ouch!)  I’m a hard-core tea drinker when I’m sick.  Today’s tea was lemon.

5. I had brought my laptop home last night, so even though I was taking a sick day, I did do some work.  These were sitting beside me at the table and distracting me.  But really, who wouldn’t be distracted by cute buggy binoculars?!

6.  Murphy napping in a sunbeam.  I was jealous.

7.  Lunch: mixed greens, leftover roast beef, red onion, red pepper, feta, pecans, blueberries and balsamic vinaigrette.  Like my breakfast, it was also packed to be eaten at work.

8.  I watched some TV at lunchtime, but the pictures I took of the TV screen had too much glare on them, so this picture of me holding the remote will have to do.

9.  It was a gorgeous day, so I sat outside for a bit.  This is our little vegetable garden.  We’re growing beans (green and yellow), spinach, dill and asparagus.  (Remember the asparagus seeds from last month?)

10.  Sitting in my lounger in the sun reading my Women’s Health magazine.  Mmm…salads!  Love ’em!

11.  My sky.  Love that blue!

12. I did the dishes after supper and had to take a picture of this beast.  It’s a two-man Henckels, and it is fantastic!

That’s all.  Time for this sicko to go to bed!


12 of 12 – JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

This year, the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes landed on a 12 of 12 day!  So you’re getting both at once today!

The walk was great, with gorgeous weather and an amazing turnout!  My husband and daughter and I were very proud to be a part of it!  Together, we were able to raise just over $2,800, bringing our 4-year total to almost $9,800!  We are blessed with very generous friends and family and we thank everyone who supported us through donations to this important cause!

And now…on with the 12.

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

1. Me and The Kid, ready to go!

2. Opening ceremonies at the Lyric Theatre at Assiniboine Park.  It’s hard to tell by the picture, but the crowd is actually doing a group warm-up. 

3. With so many kids in the group, this couple really caught my eye.  I wondered if they were just park-goers who happened to get caught up in the wave of JDRF walkers, but they were actually there for the walk.  Early on they were given the option to walk a shorter route (instead of the 5km or 7km option the rest of us were given).  I didn’t see what they decided to do.  Either way, I’m impressed. 

4. This gives you some idea of how many people were walking, but keep in mind that we were approximately in the middle of the group, so there were about this many behind us too.  The guy on the very right edge of the picture in the hat and sunglasses is my walking partner (and husband).

5. When the walk was over, we were treated to lunch and entertainment by these guys.  They were actually quite good – especially when they rocked a Tragically Hip song.

6. Bouncy castle – prairie style.

7. One of the incentive prizes we got.  It’s insulated, so I’m assuming it’s a drink cooler.  Could come in handy…

8. Most massive jewellry snarl ever.  Scissors were required, unfortunately.

9. My new deck chair from Canadian Tire.  It’s so comfy! 

10.  Did a quick bit of garden-planting in the late afternoon.  Anyone know what kind of seeds these are?  (Hint:  They’re asparagus seeds.)

11.  Pork roast on the BBQ for supper.  I love summer!

12. Me…ready to post my 12 of 12 at our very messy desk.  (Say “hi” to Dwight Schrute!)  And that brings you up to now!  🙂

12 of 12 – April

It’s that time again!  Welcome to this month’s 12 of 12!

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

Today my daughter was sick.  Sick enough to be too contagious for daycare, but not sick enough to feel very bad…so we actually had a pretty fun day at home!  In terms of 12 of 12, this means that you have been spared the monotony of office pictures again, but it also means that you’re getting kid-related pics again. I’m not sure whether to say I’m sorry or you’re welcome.  🙂

1. Let’s just dive right into my geekiness.  This is my diabetes management spreadsheet…otherwise known as The Log.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’m doing some serious logging right now for this week’s endo appointment.  The morning started with an update to The Log, and a pretty decent bloodsugar, if I do say so myself!  (For those of you who are interested, take a look at my teenie basals.)  I’m definitely nerdy, but I sometimes think that’s a very good quality when paired with diabetes.

2.  Mmmm….coffee.  I don’t have coffee every morning, but I sure enjoy it when I do.  This fancy mug is courtesy of my mother-in-law.  She got us a set of 4 for Christmas!

3. I’m going to a course for work next week that’s about communication.  In advance of the course, we are to complete this quiz.  I did it while the kid was still sleeping this morning. 

4.  This is Murphy.  Those are Cheerios.  Murphy desperately wants to eat the Cheerios, as evidenced by his perked ears.  But Murphy is a good boy and knows that the kid’s food is not his food…until it hits the floor.  So he’s waiting.

5.  This is my insulin pump on it’s CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) screen.  Looks a bit unstable, not to mention a bit high, doesn’t it?  The thing is, I was in the 4s all morning – nowhere near 9!.  (You U.S. folks can multiply by 18 to convert.)  Damn inaccurate CGMS….  On the upside, it seems to be working now.  Damn inconsistent CGMS….

6.  Because the kid wasn’t feeling too bad, I put her in the stroller, put a leash on the dog, and took the two of them for a walk.  This is one of the sites we saw on our walk.  The ice isn’t off the lakes yet, although I don’t really think the “thinness” of said ice necessitates a sign anymore.

7.  Tiny juice for tiny hands!

8.  Best.  Mixed.  Nuts.  Ever.  Yay Costco!  (I’m not sure I understand “extra fancy”, though.  Ooh la la!)

9.  Nap time for the kid means work time for Mommy.

10.  This magazine was sent to me for some reason – likely as part of some baby program I signed up for once.  Notice, though, that it actually wasn’t sent to me.  It was sent to Bathany Rose. 

  11.  We recently taught the kid to fist-bump.   Here’s her giving Daddy a fist-bump at the supper table.

12.  Murphy loves yogurt, so he gets to lick out the containers when they’re empty (or when they have just a little bit left).  My husband stuck this one right onto his snout.  Murphy was quite pleased…albeit a bit messy afterwards.

That’s it for my April 12!

12 of 12 – March

So last month I was only one day late, but today I’m actually posting my 12 of 12 on the 12th!  Wow!  (Don’t expect it to ever happen again.)

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

It’s another weekend 12 today, and I spent pretty much all day with my daughter, so it’s a bit kid-heavy (in spite of the fact that she’s not really in any of them…sort of).  Here they are!

1. Reading the local paper this morning.  Poor Japan. 😦  Thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost in this tragedy.

2. By this time we’d already been up for about an hour.  I thought it was a bit too early for a Saturday, but the kid disagreed.  I didn’t notice that the picture was blurry when I took it.  I guess my eyes were still blurry too.

3. Breakfast – Balkan yogurt with pineapple.  Plus my handy dandy food scale that helps me carb count!  That was $40 well-spent!  (The scale, I mean.  The breakfast didn’t cost that much.)

4.  My daughter loves Dora.  This is a sleeping bag she got as a hand-me-down.  I’m not sure it’ll ever be used as a sleeping bag, but it’s definitely getting a lot of use as a blanket (see another photo closer to the end for an example) and as a mat for playing “Ring Around the Rosy” with Mom and Dad or with her dolls.  The other day she saw a picture of Strawberry Shortcake and said “Dora!!”  It made me feel old.

5. This is my purse in preparation for going to the grocery store.  It contains 2 diapers, bum wipes, anti-bac wipes, Cheerios in a non-spill snack cup, and my bloodsugar monitoring equipment.  What’s in your purse?

6.  Winnipeg experienced a blizzard last night.  Good thing we weren’t planning a BBQ for today.

7.  Some treats for me from the grocery store.  Chocolate and cheese – my two favourites!

8. I recently bought these yoga socks online.  They have rubber stickies on the bottom so as to be grippy.  That way I can take them along when I travel instead of bringing my mat!  They sure make my toes look stubby.

9. These are the gloves that go with the socks.  They would make me feel kind of tough if they weren’t make of wool and didn’t have little rubber bumps all over the palms.

10.  Taking the dog for a walk after the aforementioned blizzard.  Ugh.  It was a lot of trudging.

11.  Dora makes another appearance.  The kid is reading her book about 100 Words under the blanket.  Sorry the picture’s so blurry…this was Take 4 already.

12.  Yay for magnetic fridge letters!

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by!

12 of 12 – February

Look!  I’m actually posting a 12 of 12 only one day late this month!  (Although I suppose posting on the 13th is probably allowed.) 

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

Yesterday my husband and my daugheter and my dog and I all loaded up into the van in the morning and took a trip out to Nana and Grandpa’s house (i.e. my parents) in a nearby town.  Here are the pictures….

Breakfast Option #3

1. The kid was being picky at breakfast today.  (As it turned out, she was picky all day, didn’t want any supper, and then developed a fever, so I guess we’re starting a new virus here.  Fun.)  Cereal #1 was a failure.  Cereal #2 was a failure.  Thankfully peanut butter toast was a moderate success.

Feeding a hypo

 2. My bloodsugar has been low all week.  Well, low during the days, high during the nights.  So I’ve been seeing a lot of this pantry these days.  When I’m low, I tend to flip on the light in here, and stand in the entrance staring at all of this and trying to find something that will fix my hypo, but also that will be a fun treat to eat.  I went low in the morning before we left the house, so I did the pantry-search yet again.

Rural Manitoba driving in February

 3. On the road to Nana and Grandpa’s house.  It was actually not very cold (just around freezing), but the snow was blowing around a fair bit and the highways were a bit slick.  It’s pretty common around here to see a snowmobiler riding in the ditch beside the highway. 

Valentine's cookie

4. My mom doesn’t bake much but she does like to feed us goodies when we come over.  This HUGE store-bought Valentine’s cookie was delicious.  I’ve been trying to avoid sweets like this lately, but as I said, my bloodsugar’s been low a lot.  Plus everyone needs a treat from time to time, right?


5. This bush is right under my parents’ eavestrough and has apparently been collecting icicles in the warmer weather.  I thought it was pretty, so I snapped a pic.

Getting ready for a walk…

6. Since it was relatively warm out, we decided to take the kid and the dog for a walk.  There’s nothing much cuter than a toddler dressed up in winter wear!  (This was before we realized she was getting sick.)

Walking in a winter wonderland?

 7. We’ve had a LOT of snow this year.  This picture shows some of the big snow piles at the end of the yards, but it really doesn’t do it justice.  On our street the City has had to move snow off of the yards a few times because there’s just no more room to pile up street snow and driveway snow!  That will likely spell flooding for spring, unfortunately.

Kiddie crafts

8. These two little guys are some of my elementary school art projects.  The one in the front is a golfer and the one in the back is a farmer.  I think my brother made the rock.  The dinosaur tail you see sticking in from the corner is also his.  He used to love those dino skeleton puzzles!


9. My dad has a very cool flight simulator on his computer, and has the whole set-up for it with multiple screens, yoke, foot paddles, etc.  Here’s my hubby taking a little trip on it.

Chuck on PVR

10. When we got home and got the little one into bed, we did a bit of catching up on our PVR’ed shows from the week.  Yeah, yeah, I know Chuck is pure cheese, but for some reason we still watch it. 

Free samples

11. This past week I picked up some stuff for my mom at the Clinique Counter and they gave me some free samples.  She didn’t want all of them, so I got them!  Yay free stuff!


  12.  I was freezing before bed, so this little hot water bottle came to bed with me.  Mmmm….toasty!

That’s all for February!

12 of 12 – January

This month’s 12 of 12 is far less interesting than last month’s Vegas Edition.  This is the Office Worker and Mom edition.  😛  (And it’s late again!  Gah!)   

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

1. Yep.  That’s me.

2. You know that long black puffy parka with the fur-rimmed hood that everybody has?  I have it too.  So much for being original.

3. Downtown Winnipeg on a foggy winter morning.  At least a foggy winter morning is generally warmer than a sunny winter morning!

4. Best. Travel. Mug. Ever.  We have four of these.  They don’t leak and they keep your drink hot (or cold, if you so desire) for hours!  And they were only $20 for 2 at Costco!  This one contains Refresh tea by Tazo.

5. Groan.

6. Part way through the day our daycare lady emailed me to say that my daughter’s temperature was 99.8 degrees fahrenheit.  (She’s been sick and it was her first day back at daycare after two days at home.)  The limit for staying at daycare is 100 degrees fahrenheit, so this was my warning that I might have to come get her.  I’m a celsius girl, so I had to do the Google conversion and see for myself how high her temperature actually was.

7. Great song!  It reminded me of spring when I got this album and listened to it ad nauseum for a number of weeks.  Oh spring, will you ever come again?!

8. My daughter’s favourite Christmas present.  She loves this book about “Emmo”.  Her daddy was playing hockey that night so we had “girls night” and spent some of it reading about Elmo’s Busy Day.

9.  We also spent some of it watching Sesame Street (on PVR).  In this episode, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel teach us about being allergic to something.  Idina is allergic to feathers, so the chicken is making her itch.  I didn’t even realize these two were married.  I learned something today.  Thanks!

10. Supper time.  Since we were on our own we opted for leftovers night: pork tenderloin, boiled dill potatoes and frozen peas.  It was actually pretty good for leftovers!  (32g of carbs, if anyone’s counting.)

11. This picture didn’t really turn out (I was using my camera phone this month), but our daycare lady sent the kid home with an Avon catalogue for me and these super cute kids’ towels were in it!  I really wanted to get one, but my husband convinced me that $20 is too much for a kid’s towel.  But so cute…!

12. With the husband home and the baby in bed I had some me-time for yoga!  Yay!  (Why is yoga gear always purple?)

That’s all for this month’s 12!

12 of 12 – December: The Vegas Edition!!

 This month’s 12 of 12 is coming to you from Vegas!!!  (Sorry it’s a bit late – I had to wait until I got home to post.)  I just got back from 5 days there with my good friend Michelle.  We had a blast!!  I guess I cheated a bit this month because some of the pictures were actually taken by Michelle (because I wanted to be in them).  Hopefully you can forgive me for that!   

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

My yoga view

1. This was the view out of our hotel window.  It was actually a much more panoramic view than the picture provides, but the lighting was bad and I was getting window reflections so this is all you’re getting.  I got to stare at the Wynn and down the strip out of my window at the Encore while doing yoga in the mornings.

Silly sock puppet

 2. This is a silly, but expensive, sock puppet that I bought for my daughter.  She really likes puppets, and giggled at this one when I gave it to her yesterday.

Breakfast dessert

 3.  We treated ourselves to the Wynn buffet breakfast/brunch.  There was a huge dessert station at the buffet.  These were my breakfast desserts.  You can’t tell, but they’re actually tiny.  Just a couple of inches tall. Yummy!

More breakfast dessert

 4. Also for “breakfast dessert”, I tried a couple of these marshmallow lollypops.  So good!  Good thing my pump was loaded with insulin!

Halle borrows my insulin pump

 5. Speaking of insulin, on our trip to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum I was kind enough to lend my pump to fellow diabetic, Halle Berry! 

The view from my pool lounger...ahhh....

 6. After Tussaud’s we had a bit of a sit in the lounge chairs by the pool.  It wasn’t quite swimming weather (almost), but this Winnipeg girl sure enjoyed reading a magazine in the sun in a t-shirt in the middle of December!

Crazy lamp

 7.  These lamps (this is just the base) were all over the Encore.  Wacky!

One of many hallways

 8.  This is one of many long empty hallways that I walked down to get to the Wynn Business Center (the Encore Business Center was closed) to mail a Las Vegas postcard to my friend Mike S.  Every time I turned a corner there was another hallway just like this.  There must have been at least 7 before I got there – I’m not even kidding!

What's missing here?

 9.  Our elevator was missing floors 40-49!  For the 5 days we were there, we tried to figure out whether they weren’t there at all (i.e. floor 50 is actually floor 40) or whether the elevator just skipped by them (i.e. they were accessible by another elevator).  Since the wait between 39 and 50 was the same as the wait between 38 and 39, I’m opting for the former…but I don’t understand what the reason for this would be.

Ain't she sweet?

 10.  This Statue of Liberty at the New York New York hotel is made entirely of Jelly Belly candies!  Yum!

MGM Lions

 11.  It was impossible to get a picture of these big cats without flash and casino lights in the glass, but here are the MGM lions.  Notice that there are some people hanging out in there with them.  It was kind of weird to see.  I felt a bit sad for these guys (the lions).  Apparently they actually live on a ranch somewhere near Vegas, but still…what lion wants to spend hours of his or her day in a casino?

Mr. Copperfield

12.  The last major activity of the day was the David Copperfield magic show!  We quite enjoyed it!  Mr. Copperfield is actually quite a funny man.  We were, however, curious as to what exactly makes a magician “Grade A”. 

For next month’s 12 of 12, we’re back to Winnipeg!  Don’t get too excited…..  😉