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Wordless Wednesday: Mommy’s Little Helper

How long until she doesn’t want to do this anymore?

Mommy’s Tail

Today the kid and I were doing a puzzle.  It had animals in it…animals with tails.  The bunny, in particular, had a fuzzy tail, so we were feeling the bunny’s tail and saying “Oooh….soft tail!”

Then the kid pointed to her head – to the little pigtail her daycare lady had put there today – and said, “Tail!” 

The proud Mama that I am, I congratulated her on making that connection.  “Yes!!  I said.  “Good for you!  That’s a tail too!”

Our dog was laying nearby at the time, so I said to the kid, “Where’ s Murphy’s tail?”  She giggled and ran over to him and pointed to his long black tail which had just begun to wag. 

“Tail!” she said, and giggled again.

Then, thinking I would stump her, or at least amuse her, I said, “And where’s Mommy’s tail?”

Without even pausing, the kid ran up to me, lifted up the back of my shirt…..and pointed to my insulin pump.


I guess that’s one way to look at it.