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Wordless Wednesday: Temptation


Five Things

Welcome to today’s collection of little posts.  Let’s jump right in!

1. Last week was the best sensor week of my life.  Not the best diabetes week of my life, as this post will attest to, but I had the most successful sensor ever!  I’m so excited, because the CGMS and I have had a bumpy ride, but things definitely seem to be smoothing out!  I finally figured out that it was all about the angle and that there are certain angles that just don’t work.  Last week’s sensor was so perfect that it lasted 7 full days!  It was so perfect that, on the 7th day it was still working impeccably but the site was getting too itchy to leave it in.  It was so perfect that I bet it would have had a few more days on it had it not been itchy.  So all week I was so curious to find out what angle it had ended up at so that I could aim to duplicate it the next time.  As it turned out, it was this completely non-duplicatable and puzzling angle:

Let's see me do that again!

2. Sometimes I wonder how hard it would be to have tight control of my diabetes if I wasn’t a Type A personality – if I wasn’t someone who likes numbers, problem solving and (most of all) control.  I have a hell of a time managing this beast as it is!  How does someone with more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants personality than I have manage diabetes?  Is it possible to achieve really tight control without being anal about it?  Can a person with diabetes achieve “ideal” control (what is that anyway), without teetering on the brink of burnout?  All questions I don’t have answers to. 

3. One thing that I would never take for granted if I was cured of diabetes is the ability to fill my plate (still with healthy foods, of course) and sit down to a meal without the weighing, measuring, calculating, estimating and finger crossing that I currently do.  The other day I made a pot of quinoa with the intent of having some for supper and saving the rest for future suppers.  The bag had nutritional information on it for dry quinoa and I needed to know how much cooked quinoa I could eat for 10g-15g of carbs.  My husband and I are both numbers people (accountant and financial analyst).  We do this for a living.  But for some reason that day we were totally stumped.  We had two calculators and a scale out yet could not figure it out.  By the time we determined what we had been doing wrong and actually got the right amount on my plate, our food was cold and our daughter was just about done eating supper.  Embarrassing?  Yes.  Super pain-in-the-ass frustrating?  Oh yeah. 

4. It seems like lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people commenting on different types of music, or bands, or singers that “suck”.  It makes me question what makes a singer/band/song “good”?  It makes sense that talent should be a factor – either the creativity of the song-writing, or the skill of the instrument-playing, or the vocal abilities.  I think this is what a lot of folks get hung-up on when they don’t like a band.  But at the end of the day, shouldn’t it just be about how the music makes you feel?  If a song makes you happy (or makes you feel anything, really), and makes you want to smile or tap your foot or even break out in dance, does it matter if the person singing it had someone else write it, or can’t sing it live while they bust a move onstage, or if it’s written to sell instead of written for the sake of creativity?  Just sayin’….

5. I love tulips.  I really do.  Even if I’m only seeing them at my neighbourhood grocery store instead of poking through the ground, it still means that spring is on its way!

Spring is coming....!