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An Explanation

I guess I’ve kind of gone AWOL, haven’t I?  

Sorry if my hiatus has left anyone hanging.  A few folks have emailed me recently to ask if everything is OK, so perhaps it’s time for a brief explanation.  So here it is:

Everything is just fine. 🙂  

My health is good, my family is good, my eyes are stable, my A1C has climbed to a 7.8 but I’m working to get it back down.  I’ve just felt the need to shift my priorities to my “offline” life recently – mainly to my family – and I guess also to make less of my life about diabetes.  (I hope that makes sense.)

This is not the end of Me or the end of D, so it’s not the end of Me With D either.  I’ll probably post here from time to time in the future.  But for now I might not be around here much.  

If you want to keep up with me in short snippets rather than full blog posts, feel free to find me on Facebook. (There’s a link on my main page.)  Unfortunately Twitter’s falling by the wayside for me for the time being too.

Thanks to those of you who have contacted me to see if I’m alright!  Take care!


March 1 is “Hope for a cure for Diabetes” day.

To participate, go to this Facebook site:!/events/256257494450994/ , write “HOPE” on your hand(s), take a picture, and then post it to show your support for someone you love with diabetes (that includes YOU!)

Here’s mine: 


For me with Type 1, and my two daughters (age 2 and in utero) who don’t have diabetes. I HOPE they never have to experience this disease firsthand, I HOPE that I can spend a long life with them in spite of diabetes, and I HOPE that my retinopathy never prevents me from seeing their beautiful smiles.

Here’s to HOPE!

Pregnancy Update – First OB Appointment

It’s time for a quick pregnancy update.  If you’re not interested in reading about my pregnancy, you can skip this one.

This past week I had my first OB appointment.  I’m seeing the same OB as I did during my last pregnancy, and I absolutely love him.

The appointment went well, although long: waiting room, nurses, waiting, OB, tests, more waiting, more tests.  I guess it’s only the beginning of the hours and hours I will spend at appointments (and waiting for appointments) for this diabetic pregnancy.

My weight gain was good (about 4 lbs so far, although I look like I’ve gained about 10 lbs).  My BP – something we’ll be watching really carefully – was good (122/78).  And I got to hear Baby’s heartbeat!  Yay!  So exciting!  Unfortunately my husband missed this appointment since our daughter was sick that day and he was home with her.

So, all in all it was a good appointment.  I see him again in a month, and I have my first ultrasound around 20 weeks (I’m just about 12 weeks now – so another couple of months yet).

From a non-diabetes standpoint, it’s been a pretty good pregnancy week.  I’m still uber-tired, but starting to find a bit more energy here and there.  I had been sleeping really poorly (and having very weird dreams), but Tuesday’s acupuncture took care of that and I’ve been sleeping great since.  I’m also finally getting out of the queasy phase, which is really nice.  It hadn’t been too bad, but I was getting  a little tired of the car-sick feeling that seemed to show up off and on every day or two.  So it looks like my body is transitioning into the more comfortable 2nd trimester.  Whew!

From a diabetes standpoint, though, this week has been a bitch.  I’m having highs (I hit 15 mmol (270 mg/dl) yesterday and almost cried – my highest yet), and lows (woke up with a 2.7 mmol/l (48 mg/dl) nypo the other night and felt like I was going to die.  My husband and my CDE had been a bit worried a couple of weeks ago that I was putting myself under too much stress trying to keep my bloodsugars so tightly controlled, so I took their advice and eased up a bit, but I think the timing of that coincided with some wacky pregnancy hormone changes that have made a big mess of my D-management.  As a result, I’m more stressed out now by the highs and lows (and accompanying guilt) than I was before when I was trying to keep tight control (and usually succeeding).  I talk to my CDE again tomorrow and will be doing some trend-analysis today in preparation for that, so hopefully I/we can come up with some solutions that involve a better balance of control (more) and stress (less).

In short – I would like to confirm that it’s still a lot of work being pregnant with diabetes. 😛

The Future of Me With D

To be clear, this post is about the future of this blog….not the future of Me (with D).

As you’ve probably noticed lately, I’m really having trouble keeping up blogging.  All of my roles and responsibilities at home and at work have been piling up lately, leaving my feeling a little like I’m drowning.  And right now I’m feeling pulled to focus on my family and myself and put some of these other roles on the back burner. 

In case any of my co-workers are reading, this does not mean I’m quitting my job.  Don’t worry 🙂 

It also doesn’t mean that I’m giving up blogging.  It just means that I won’t be able to be as diligent at posting 1-2 times per week as I was in the past. 

You’ll still hear from me, though.  And you an always check in with me on Facebook or Twitter!

I’ll definitely keep you updated on any breaking news re: my diabetes, my eyes, and anything else of interest….. 

Stay tuned!

Happy summer!

Tweet Tweet!

It’s taken me a while, but it seems I’m finally getting up to speed with the social media options over here…Me With D is now on Twitter!

This latest period of non-posting due to a temporarily hectic life (hopefully settling down now) made me realize that I really want a way to connect with you folks faster!  (Likereallyfast!)  So now you can find a link to MeWithD on Twitter at the bottom right corner of my blog.  Also right here: 

So I now have two things to ask of you:

1. Follow me!  🙂

2. Tell me who I should follow!  D-related or non-D-related, I need to bulk up my list of people I follow!  I’m open to suggestions…


Happy Birthday Me With D!

It’s hard to believe, but it was a year ago today that I made my first post on Me With D.  The year has flown by!  

In honour of this blog’s birthday, here’s a flashback to some of your favourite posts and some of mine too.

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Plus, I can’t forget all of the super fun 12 of 12 posts!

Today, I want to give all of you my heartfelt thanks for reading and commenting and wishing me well and encouraging me.  You’ve made it a great year!  🙂

Thank you!