Quick Pregnancy Update – 35 Week Appointments

I’m scrambling to get pre-baby stuff done today, so this update is going to be a quick one in point form.

Friday’s Endo Appointment:

– All’s well still, but we’ll have to see what changes need to be made as I adjust to my new schedule of being on mat leave, but also being super busy running errands, cleaning up and prepping for the baby!  Could mean lots of rate/ratio tweaking.

– BP was 130/70, which is the highest I’ve had so far, but I’m still getting readings under 120/80 at home, so I’m attributing the higher number at the endo’s to the fact that I was feeling stressed out while I was there.  She wasn’t worried.  I’m definitely keeping a close eye on it, though.

– We worked on a post-baby insulin plan (i.e. basals and bolus ratios) based on my post-baby rates from after The Kid was born.  It still needs a few adjustments and I’ll be discussing it with my CDE this week.

– She asked to see me again in 6 weeks rather than trying to fit in another one before the c-section.

 Friday’s Fetal Assessment:

– Baby B is now over 90th percentile.  Her growth is consistent and her growth rate is consistent, but both are consistently too high.  I won’t go into how I feel about that, since you’ll already know if you read my last pregnancy post.  (Incidentally, bloodsugars are still tight.  If anything, they’ve been lower and better this past week than previously.  So I’m still at least as frustrated as the last time I wrote about it.)

– I have another Fetal Assessment scheduled for this coming Friday, when I’ll be 36 weeks.  I don’t see my OB again until Friday, but after that appointment.

– I’ll be talking to my OB early this week to find out if I should be getting an amniocentesis at Friday’s Fetal Assessment (i.e. to determine if Baby B’s lungs are sufficiently mature).  It sounds like it’s it’s up to him whether or not I get one, but that if he’s indifferent, the Fetal Assessment doctor will likely request one.  (My OB is never indifferent about things like this.)

– If I don’t get an amnio this coming Friday, I would almost definitely get one sometime the following week.

– Once I get an amnio, if Baby B’s lungs are mature enough, my OB moves up the c-section date to as early as he’s able.  If Baby B’s lungs aren’t mature enough, we wait up to another week and do another amnio… rinse and repeat.

– In the case that we’re “a go”, my c-section will most likely be during the week of April 2nd – whenever my OB and the OR can make their schedules match.

– While I’m “waiting” for amnio/c-section/lung maturity/etc., I need to watch for two things: (a) a decrease in baby movement, which so far is not an issue – this kid is busy, and (b) an unexplained drop in insulin requirements which could mean my placenta is starting to fail (also not an issue so far).  If either of these were to happen, I’d be getting a c-section with some degree of urgency/emergency.  As long as those two things aren’t happening, and her lungs aren’t ready – we just wait and monitor.

So that’s our current status.  When I was pregnant with The Kid, she started to grow too fast around the same time, but we never made it to lung maturity with her because my pre-eclampsia and retinal bleeding made the c-section timing an issue of my health rather than hers.  So, with my BP and eyes under control this time, we’re entering some new territory now. The Kid was at 36 weeks and 1 day when she came out, and her lungs were not yet mature.  With better diabetes control this time around, maybe Baby B’s lungs will be mature earlier, but who knows…

I’ll keep you posted as I’m able.  For more timely (but much briefer) updates, friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan F on March 25, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Hi Bethany,
    I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your blog. I just discovered it in some desperate need of reassurance for myself. I am 26 (27 in July) and also have Type 1 diabetes (since age 18). I am25 weeks pregnant with my first and am also pretty obsessive about checking my blood sugar and I tend to get extremely upset every time I am running high. I just had my highest of the entire pregnancy (270) as I am starting to deal more with insulin resistance. Do you have any advice for helping deal with the increased insulin resistance? I think at this point i will just really try to watch my carb intake. I will focus most on protein protein protein because I hate running high! My A1c in Jan was 5.6 but my OB/GYN does not check it too frequently because he focuses more on individual numbers rather than average A1c. Therefore, i know it is extremely important not to have individual highs. It helps me to see that other diabetics struggle with this as well. But typically I am very well controlled. I just have noticed more highs lately since hitting the 23 week mark. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks for sharing and good luck with everything. -Susan


    • Hi Susan, and congrats on your pregnancy! I’m not sure I can give you “advice” per se, but the key for me was to just really keep on top of what was changing with LOTS of monitoring and trend-tracking. Every few days I’d look at what was different and adjust.I think it’s all you can really do. As you’ve no doubt read, I have been moderating my carbs too, but still being careful that I’m not short-changing myself of the baby. It’s such a balancing act and can be different for everyone. Good luck!


  2. I was wondering how bad the amnious hurt? i have to get one done in the next couple weeks and am very nervous! what do they do?


    • I didn’t find it to hurt badly at all – this last time or the previous time. It’s not comfortable or particularly fun, but I found it quite manageable. They just sterilize the skin, insert a needle into your belly and draw out some amniotic fluid. It’s pretty quick. Good luck with yours!


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