12 of 12 – January

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell , and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  The only thing is…Chad is no longer hosting 12 of 12 on his site, and as far as I know, there is no new home for us as of yet.  Regardless, you can find Chad’s website here, including links to past 12 of 12s.

I are still participating in the monthly 12s, even without a host, just because it’s fun!  I know Kerri is too, and I’m still hoping Mike and Scully do too….  (But even if they don’t, you should still check out their blogs!)

Anyway, on with 12 of 12 for 2012!  If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

1. This is the piece of banana that was leftover from my breakfast of balkan yogurt, banana and walnuts.  I know it seems like a small piece to leave, but it just would have pushed my carbs too far past my breakfast quota.  So this piece of banana sat in my office all day…getting brown.  I was going to take another picture of it later in the day, but I forgot.  It was probably for the best.  It made it back home with me, because I hate to throw away food, but eventually I gave it to the dog.

2. When I turned on my computer (at work) there was an email waiting for me from a friend who I hadn’t heard from in a while.  Coincidentally, I had just sent him a message on Facebook the night before, but it was sent after he had sent this one.  Oooh….eerie!  As you can see, he mentions 12 of 12 in his email.  I’m still hoping to see a 12 from him someday. 😉

3.  I’ve been fighting a cold, and one of my favourite cold remedies is lemon tea.  Thank you, Sir Thomas Lipton, for helping to cure what ails me!

4.  It was new CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) sensor day.  (Yaaaaay!)  The sensor had been inserted at home, so after the appropriate “wetting” period, I attached the transmitter.  (For those of you who don’t know, the transmitter is the white part above.  The blue part is it’s charger.)

5.  On my lunch break, I printed off a few Bingo cards for The Kid.  I figured it might be kind of fun to have her look for things around the house and put stickers on them when she found them.  The one on the left I found on a website.  The one on the right I made.  We’ve played them a few times now and it turns out she likes looking for “stuff” more than she likes looking for colours.  She’s definitely having fun with them, though!

6.  Also on my lunchbreak, I quickly popped into a nearby store for some stickers to use for the Bingo games I’d made.  While I was there I took a quick browse through the craft supplies.  I’m thinking The Kid would have fun decorating those pink tiaras.  Maybe another time…

7.  It was a very cold and very windy day.  Check out this flag flying straight out!  Brrr….

8.  This cold snap closely followed some very warm days.  Our van windows are still bearing the evidence of the warm days…especially because we ran out of windshield washer fluid.  The cold snap meant there was really no major rush to refill it (nothing splashes when it’s this cold), so we were driving around like this for a couple of days.  Ew.  (Please note that this is the edge of the windshield.  The driver’s visibility was fine – I promise!)

9.  A few weeks ago I filled out a survey about blood glucose monitors and was promised a $10 Starbucks card for my time.  Well guess what came in the mail?!  As my husband said, “Look!  It’s one-and-a-half lattés!”  Yeah yeah…  It’s not like I get them every day!

10.  Last weekend we weaned The Kid off of her soother.  She was chewing holes in them, so it was time.  It went remarkably well and we are very proud of her.  She ended up doing better with “it’s broken” than with “it’s lost”, so I “broke” it by cutting off the nipple.  She thinks the dog chewed it off.  Hey, whatever works.  She’s requested that we save the neutered binkie for her sister (who is still in my belly).  Aww….

11.  I had an appointment with my favourite esthetician, Tannis, in the evening.  She agreed to be in a photo for my 12!  I’ve got a weird face in this picture, but she looks great, so I’m putting it in anyway.  She’s the best!

12.  Last but not least, my baby belly shot for this month.  I’m just shy of 25 weeks in this picture.  I’ll have you know that I feel a lot bigger than this!

And that’s it!  Wasn’t it refreshing that this wasn’t another sick-day 12?  😉


3 responses to this post.

  1. I lovelovelove the bingo idea, so awesome! I need more little kids to work/play with so I can do this one! :]

    And I would totally do tons of surveys for free Starbucks, I loveeee Starbucks. [Hey, they are putting one in right between our buildings, eh? Hmmm :P.]

    Yaaaay baby bump!! :]


    • I didn’t realize there was a new Starbucks coming! Honestly, in winter I’ll probably still opt for the longer walk to the one in the mall. 😛 I hate the cold!


  2. Awesome 12 of 12! I did mine this month! I am so totally going to keep going. I always look forward to the 12th and was thoroughly disappointed in myself for missing the past couple months.
    I always love yours.


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