My Obstetrician is the Best!

Yesterday on the way home from work my cell phone rang.  It was my obstetrician’s office.

I answered the phone, and his assistant said this:

“Dr. Awesome [not really his name] asked me to phone and tell you that your A1C is great!”

I kid you not.

He is always carbon-copied on the results of my bloodwork for my endo, so I guess the results of the last test showed up in his office yesterday.  This busy, but terribly kind, man then took it upon himself to make sure I was congratulated.

My obstetrician is the best!

(PS – 12 of 12 should be up tomorrow sometime.  No time today.)



One response to this post.

  1. Hi Bethany! I just wanted to drop a line and say your blog is awesome and thank you for sharing your information! I am in my 30s and just got recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (around the time when I started to seriously think about starting a family). Your blog is really encouraging! Thank you.
    LazyLowCarber from Vancouver


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