24 Weeks – A Pregnancy Update

Note: This post is all about pregnancy.  If you’re not interested in reading about pregnancy, feel free to pop back later in the week for my upcoming 12 of 12.  🙂

As of this past Friday, I’m now 24 weeks pregnant.  I’m definitely looking pregnant and feeling pregnant, but overall I can’t complain.

Well, I suppose I could complain about my Christmas Holiday D-control.  Christmas plus diabetes is difficult enough without an added factor like pregnancy, so this was a particularly challenging year.  For the most part I did manage to be really “good” in terms of carb-counting and even carb-moderating (which is frickin’ hard at my mother-in-laws house with about 16 varieties of homemade baked goods, plus 5 flavours of ice cream).  I was a pretty well-behaved pregnant diabetic, all things considered.  But my D-control was still far from where I would have liked it.  I’m blaming that on the following:

  1. Eating “differently” than I’m used to.  Since I wasn’t preparing my own food, my meals weren’t always exactly as I would have prepared them at home, or with exactly the same options offered.  I always had really good substitutes and I brought along my food scale, but it still made for some extra variables.  Plus, we weren’t always eating at the same time as I’m used to because, well, we were on holidays!
  2. A few bad infusion sites.  Badly timed bad infusion sites.  There’s really not much that can be done about that, except catching them early and changing them.  But they still suck.
  3. Increasing insulin resistance as I make my way through second trimester.  Sometimes I wondered if I was pumping saline instead of insulin – especially when I’d see absolutely no bloodsugar movement after a bolus.  Come ON!  Also not much that can be done about this one, except watch my bloodsugars, find those trends, and make the changes.  But following trends was made difficult thanks to all the other variables/factors in this list.
  4. Being without my trusty logging spreadsheet.  Yeah, I’ve got all the iDevices that should have let me do my logging/tracking on the road (we were travelling for almost all of our holidays), but it’s just not as easy or as handy.  Plus, with all these variables making trends virtually invisible, it didn’t seem that there was much point in the painful task of logging/tracking anyway.  So I scrapped it.  I took a log holiday.  And it felt good. 🙂
  5. The sheer laziness of Christmas.  Like I said, we were travelling a lot, so we were busy around the time that we were moving from one place to the next.  But moving from one place to the next usually meant long van rides (sitting).  And when we would settle in wherever we were going, we pretty much sat around and hung out and remained generally lazy.  I ventured out in the snow a few times, but my holiday activity levels really were not conducive to good diabetes control.  This one’s at least partially my fault.

So with all those things considered, please don’t be surprised if/when my A1C  proves to have crept a little higher than my previous 5.9.  (Results to come this week.)

Now that the holidays are over, I’m seeing much better results in my re-opened diabetes logs, and finding those trends and figuring out that incoming insulin resistance.  I’m also getting into a busier schedule of doctor’s appointments.  I saw my OB and my endo last week, I have a phone appointment with my CDE this coming week (I love that she’s willing to do phone appointments!) and I have an ophthalmologist appointment on the 16th.  My OB and my endo have me on an every-3-weeks appointment cycle now, and my CDE and I usually talk every 2-3 weeks as well.  Fetal assessments start February 9th, so I still have a bit of a grace period for those.  It’s getting busier, though….

My OB appointment was last Tuesday and I received nothing but good results!  My blood pressure is still in a great range (this is the test that always makes me nervous given my previous experience with pre-eclampsia), and the baby’s heart rate was perfect.  My weight gain is exactly where it should be, even though I’m feeling massive lately.  The results of the ultrasound from a few weeks ago showed nothing of concern – my OB called them “boring”, which is good.  Out of curiosity, I asked him at what point in my last pregnancy my BP had started to increase.  He said it was around 33 weeks.  But at my endo appointment later in the week, she reminded me that she had started to notice BP increases around 28 weeks.  I have a home BP monitor this time around, so I’m already starting to keep a close eye on it.  We want to catch any changes early enough to take the necessary steps (i.e. medication, disability leave if required, etc.) to keep it under control, keep my eyes from bleeding, and keep this baby baking for as long as possible.

My endo appointment was last Thursday and went off without a hitch.  I had only brought the last four days of D-Logs (because that’s all I had logged, and because the days prior wouldn’t have been indicative of any required D-Management changes anyway), so she didn’t have much to look at, but she was happy with what she saw and with the few required changes that I had identified.  I try to be really proactive at my appointments – not exactly for her sake, but because I try to be proactive about my diabetes in general and don’t like waiting for her to tell me what to do.  I know my diabetes better than she does, and I think she and I (finally) both acknowledge that.  Anyway, it seems to be a good approach – it works.  I had an A1C test done there and will have the results early in the week, as I mentioned earlier.

In terms of the pregnancy in general, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m tired, but not as tired as I was in the first trimester.  The nausea rarely makes a comeback unless I’m really tired (which does happen occasionally) .  The retinopathy is proving to be largely stable (a few tiny leaks here and there).  I am, however, starting to feel very heavy…like I have a bowling ball in my belly…10-pin.  It seems to depend on where the baby is sitting, but when she’s low in my abdomen I can be pretty uncomfortable, with my lower abdominal muscles straining, my digestive system cramping, and my bladder taking a beating.  This child is an active one.  My first was the same – kicking and kicking and pushing and turning and then kicking some more.  I’m at the point where I’m even seeing my belly move from time to time.  Both my husband and my daughter have had a chance to feel her move by now, and I think it’s nice for all of us to have that tangible connection with her now.  Thankfully she keeps most of her uterine gymnastics to the daytime and hasn’t been keeping me up at night…yet.

If anyone is interested, my official due date (i.e. 40 weeks) is April 27th, but my OB has indicated that he wants to do a c-section around 37 weeks.  I’d like to push him to 38 weeks, all else being equal (and I think he’s open to this, all else being equal), and since the 37 week mark is Good Friday (April 6th), I’m hoping the c-section will be sometime the week of April 9th-13th if all is still going well.  (Hopefully closer to the 13th.)  It’s hard to believe how quickly these dates are coming up.  Wow!

So that’s a (sort of) quick summary of where things are at right now.  Tune in next week for an A1C update and a 12 of 12!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Yay! That’s wonderful news! I’m so excited you’re doing well, even with Christmas. Not just because it means I will still most likely get to see you in February, but also because great pregnancies are, well, great! You’re right – keep baking as long as you can. Ha.

    You know… April 10 is a LOVELY day for a birthday. Ok, besides midterms in high school and finals in university and sometimes having to share it with Easter… but no, really, it’s a wonderful day.


  2. Posted by Kim on January 8, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    If everything looks good, then why does your doctor want to do a c-section?


    • Because of my eyes. With the combination of proliferative retinopathy and the haemorrhaging I’ve had over the last few years, he feels it’s too risky for me to push. I had a c-section with my last baby too (because of my eyes and the fact that she was breech), so even if I were to go with natural birth this time, it would be a VBAC which also carries risks. In all, my doctors have deemed the c-section to be the less risky option, and I agree. I’m pretty happy with this decision.


      • Posted by Kim on January 8, 2012 at 4:00 pm

        Thanks. I didn’t realize the eyes were such an issue for you. I am hoping my doctor doesn’t force me into a c-section unless I absolutely need it.

      • I didn’t want one the first time either (but realized I needed one)…but I ended up being pretty happy to have had one. The recovery is hard, but the actual procedure wasn’t bad at all – and much shorter than labour! 🙂

  3. Posted by Sriya on January 9, 2012 at 1:18 am

    Good to know that you and your baby are doing well.


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