Another Splenda Recipe – Cookies

As promised, I have for you today another Splenda baking experience.

I didn’t include the type of cookies in the title of this post because (a) I don’t like the Splenda website’s title of “Cranchewey Cran-nutty Carrot Cookies” (really, Splenda folks?), and (b) the only other title I could come up with was “Cranberry Carrot Coconut Pineapple Walnut Cookies”, and that was too long.

My past baking experiences from the Splenda website have been delicious and I was so impressed with the recipes that I tried.  Unfortunately this one didn’t exactly follow suit.

I’m not going to re-post the recipe, because you can find it right here.  But I will post this picture of the cookies in progress:

It reminded me a lot of coleslaw.

I found this recipe to be a lot of work.  There was walnut-chopping (mainly because I buy my walnuts halved from Costco and the recipe called for chopped), there was carrot-grating, there was pineapple weighing (I couldn’t find the 8oz can that the recipe called for).  It wasn’t hard work, but it was more labour-intensive than your average batch of cookies.  Or I’m just lazy.  Anyway…

The recipe claimed to make 4 1/2 dozen cookies, but I got quite a few more out of it (about 6 dozen), based on the instruction to use tablespoon-sized scoops.  On one hand this is good because now I have more cookies, each of which is only 6g net carbs (instead of 8g).  On the other hand…my cookies are small.

Also, they really don’t look like I expected them to.

This is the picture from the Splenda website:

These are my cookies:

Mine look a lot less tasty and a lot more healthy.  Frankly, they taste healthy too.  I do enjoy them, but they’re not quite the sweet treat I was hoping for.

The final verdict (by me, who is not an expert, but more along the lines of Average-Betty-Baker):  Not bad, but not really worth the work.


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  1. The first picture looked like coleslaw!! I take it you won’t be repeating this recipe?


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