Feeling Better About Bayer

Before we get into the Bayer issue, I should make mention of the OB appointment that I promised to tell you about and never delivered on.  The reason I didn’t post is that there wasn’t anything to post.  It was a super quick appointment with no new information.  Just the “all’s well” from the OB, and another chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Great appointment, but it would have made for a pretty boring blog post.

So let’s talk about Bayer instead.  If you’re just joining us now, here’s what happened, and here’s the most recent status of the issue.

And now that you’re up to speed, here is what I’m hoping is the resolution of this story:

After my initial Bayer post, my CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) spoke with her Bayer rep about my issue.  The Bayer rep was very apologetic, provided me with some test strips to make up for the ones I’d wasted with the problems I was having, and apparently also escalated my story to someone who could help me.  Shortly after this, I came home to find a message on my answering machine from a Customer Service Manager at Bayer, asking me to call her to discuss the issue.

I made several attempts to call this Customer Service Manager and kept getting her voicemail.  I was reluctant to leave a message because I haven’t been especially available myself lately, but after about a week and a half of failing to get her on the line, I did leave a message…which she responded to within about five minutes.

She was very understanding and accommodating and seemed less interested in the details of what wasn’t working with my meter than in the fact that I need a meter that functions all the time.  Ironically, at this point my meter is rarely malfunctioning.  I mentioned this to her, and she suggested that it may be just a piece of debris in the meter that has moved to a less problematic location, but she assured me that she would be replacing it regardless.

Two days later, I received a new Contour USB meter (my third) via courier, as well as another box of 50 test strips.

I think they get it now.

Maybe it’s just because I mentioned I’m an obsessive, pregnant Type 1 diabetic with a penchant for testing upwards of 15 times/day (while pregnant, anyway) – enough to make them want to keep me as a happy customer.  But it’s enough to have me feeling at least a little bit better about Bayer.

Now I’m just crossing my fingers that Meter #3 lasts longer than its predecessors…


5 responses to this post.

  1. Good news on the Bayer front. Hope this one lasts.
    I’ve only had mine for about 4 months so I’ll be paying attention.


  2. hopefully you have no problems with this meter. my mother always says “the squeeky wheel gets the oil”! glad to hear things are going well with you and baby!


  3. Beyer is not my friend right now. I had a little Contour USB fun last week that I still need to call them about. Glad you’re doing better though.


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