12 of 12 – November: Food

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

Usually my weekend 12s are a bit easier to do, because I’m not sitting in an office all day.  This time, though, my day was too busy for photo variety – but not busy with interesting going-out kinds of stuff.  It was mostly busy in the kitchen and with children.  And since I like the children in my life to remain anonymous on my blog, it didn’t leave me with a lot of photo opps other than….food!  (There are a few exceptions.)  So take a look…but don’t blame me if you’re hungry when you’re done!

1. We had my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephew (in-law?) over for the weekend, so I decided that fresh, warm cinnamon buns (of the pre-packaged bake-and-serve variety) were in order.  Since the morning is my prime bloodsugar-spike time, this did not end up being my breakfast, but later in the day I did have a convenient low (actually a few – it was a day of lows), and was able to indulge in one.  Delicious!

2.  We babysat our nephew in the morning while his mommy did some child-free shopping.  He was a very good boy, and looked so cute in his winter PJs.  Our two-year-old sure loves her little cousin, and gave us good reason to believe that she’s going to be a fantastic big sister!

3. For lunch, chicken salad…uh…salad.  One of my favourites!  For those of you who are interested, this one was made with rotisserie chicken (not recommended for low-sodium diets, unfortunately), red peppers, celery, green onion, tomato and Miracle Whip (I usually also add Bold & Spicy deli mustard, but forgot this time).  I tossed some of it in with some romaine and some spinach, added some grated marble cheddar cheese and chopped apple, and voila!

4.  Had a post-lunch low and treated with a delicious mandarin orange.

5. Still low after the orange, so I resorted to leftover Halloween candy.

6. Nap time.  Lows and pregnancy and cooking and company tired me out.

7. Supper prep.  This is hashbrown casserole in its pre-oven stages.  Doesn’t look too appetizing, does it?  Trust me, it’s fantastic when it’s done!  This was another non-low-carb part of our company-menu.  It was a good day to be struggling with lows – I got to eat more of this than I anticipated too. 🙂

8.  A pre-dinner appetizer for the group.  This is flammekueche.  I was introduced to it when I was living in France, and recently the family I lived with contacted me to tell me that they are now available in Canada!  Of course, we had to try one…and we were not disappointed!  The crust wasn’t quite as crispy as “the real thing”, but the flavour took me right back to 1999 and my summer in France.  Yum!

9. Side salad for supper.  This one is my mother-in-law’s favourite: mixed greens, feta cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts, (usually red onion, but I left them out this time), and my “secret” dressing. 🙂

10.  My husband wanted me to take a picture of the meat, so here it is – seasoned, BBQed pork tenderloin.  So…darn…good.

11.  This is totally unrelated to food.  It’s my daughter’s curly ponytail.  My hair is poker straight, so sometimes I can hardly believe I produced a child whose hair could do this.  I love it, but I seriously  have no idea how to style curly hair.  I guess I’ll learn.

12.  And lastly, the classic “pregnant shot in bathroom mirror taken with iPhone”.  Perhaps I’ll include a belly photo in each month’s 12 so you can watch me grow!  I’m currently about 16 weeks.  With my last pregnancy it took until about 5 months for me to have a belly this size.  Oof.

That’s all!


12 responses to this post.

  1. I want to see the casserole after you cooked it!

    Good 12. 🙂


  2. Posted by Joanne Niswander on November 13, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Oooooh – flamme!!! It makes my mouth water just to think of it. Almost worth a trip to Canada to have some again!!! I loved it at Auberge du Zoo and have never been able to make something quite like it. Well, sometimes it’s better just to remember and wish . . .
    Take care!
    Aunt Joanne


    • I could never make it quite right either, but this one I bought tasted just like I remembered it from L’Auberge. Maybe they’ll come to the US next!


  3. Wonderful 12 of 12 photos, all of the ones with food in them are great. You had me sold on the very first picture. Thanks somuch for sharing your day


  4. Posted by Sylvie on November 13, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Food looks really yummy….and YOU look very good!!!


  5. I kinda like the food 12! 😉 All kinds of yumminess — especially the cinnamon buns! :]

    Hope you had a great day, thanks for sharing!


  6. mmmm i love salad too! they both look delish! is the flammekueche a PC product?? we have them here and i could eat the whole thing myself!!


  7. I’m reading this at 5:30am… I’m already hungry, so all your food shots make me even more. YUM! Looks like a great day.

    Congrats on baby #2, you have such a cute belly. 🙂


  8. Hells yeah, the food looks SPLENDID! maybe except the meat one, but that’s just me! Your baby bump is ADORABLE!


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