Pregnant Cravings and Baking with Splenda

During my last pregnancy I was fortunate enough to crave healthy food like fruit, salmon and eggs.  During this pregnancy I haven’t been so lucky.  I’ve still craved fruit, so that’s been good at least, but I have been having major cravings for sweets, which has been really challenging.

Also during my last pregnancy I tried to avoid artificial sweeteners for the most part.  Not because it’s recommended (as long as the sweeteners are in low quantities and the safe varieties, I’m told that they’re fine), but just because I felt better eating more natural foods while pregnant.

This time my sweet cravings have overtaken my desire to avoid artificial sweeteners.  I’m still not willing to deal with the bloodsugar spikes that invariably come with eating “real” sweets (for me, anyway), so I finally turned to Splenda and to the recipes on their website.

And I’m so glad I did!  Typically I’ve found Splenda-baking to taste like…well…Splenda.  But these two recipes I recently tried definitely rival their higher carb counterparts.  They’re delicious!

(First off, I apologize that I don’t have higher quality pictures.  I was going for quick practical over fancy and artsy.  If you want to see professional shots of these goodies, click on the Splenda website links below.)

The first one I made was their Classic Cheesecake.  At 9g net carbs per slice, with the high fat and high protein from the cream cheese, this one gave me almost no spike.  The serving sizes (16 pieces) seem small at first, but they’re heavy, so one small piece is plenty.  I will definitely be making this one again.

Next I made their Chocolate Cake Brownies.  These are lower in fat and protein than the cheesecake, and also only 6g net carbs per brownie (1/16th of the recipe).  They’re somewhere in between the crumbly, cakey brownies and the fudgy gooey ones, but probably closer to the cakey type (as the name suggests).  Again – love ’em!

Since I don’t normally eat a lot of sweets (even fake ones) when I’m not pregnant, I”m still trying to keep my junk-food intake under control while I am pregnant, but it’s nice to know that I do have options.  If I find any more tasty low(er) carb recipes for baked goods like these, I’ll be sure to pass them on.  (Maybe even with better pictures next time.)


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