Update – A1C and Ophtho

I finally remembered to phone in for my new A1C result.  Not sure why it took me so long to remember, what with diabetes weighing so heavily on my mind these days, but it did.

Five weeks ago I was 7.3 – up from where I usually sit in the 6s.  It was early in the pregnancy, and I knew it had a lot to do with 2 weeks of illness and 2 weeks of vacation, both of which occurred before I got pregnant.  But I was still determined to get it down.  I even pinky-swore…remember?

So this time I was thrilled to find out that five weeks of hard work slid that A1C right down to a lovely 6.4!  Woot woot!  (I never go back on a pinky-swear.)  Here’s hoping I can keep it in the low 6s (and dare I say maybe even into the 5s….?) for the remainder of the pregnancy!

Also, yesterday was my regular Ophtho appointment.  He noted the messy bleed from a couple of weeks ago, also noted no new proliferation, and said all the stuff I was expecting: “No Avastin while pregnant”, “Eye should clear”, “No other concerns”, “See you next trimester”.  I guess that’s all good(ish).  I like the “No other concerns” part, anyway…and the fact that there was no new proliferation, of course.  Dr. Ophtho also confirmed Jeff’s explanation of how the blood I’m seeing pooling at the top of my eye is actually at the bottom of my eye.  I feel like I should have known that…but I’m super glad Jeff pointed it out!

Anyway, that’s it for my update.  This is an “I’m-uber-tired-and-10-weeks-pregnant-and-the-combination-is-making-me-queasy” kind of evening, so I’m about to hit the hay only a little later than The Kid.  Goodnight!


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  1. Whenever you quote Dr. Ophtho, I’m all “yep, sounds like him” ;).

    Great job on the A1C! :] Hope the baby stops making you feel icky soon <3.


  2. Posted by Jeff Parlier on October 4, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    Hello Bethany,

    I’m glad your Optho appt. went well. No new proliferation is great news! I have an appt coming up as well and am hoping for good news too. Of course, a big congrats on the pregnancy. I wish you a happy and healthy one.

    -Jeff P.


  3. Wow. pretty amazing A1C drop in only 5 weeks! I wish I could be like you! That baby will bake Juuuust fine in there 😉 I’m also really glad to read there are no worries with your eyes. Sounds stressful. Keep us updated when you can.


  4. Thanks folks!


  5. Posted by marion on October 5, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    well done! that’s so impressive, i know how hard you must have worked… last march mine was 7.4 and i’m having another test in november (after 2 weeks in Cuba – all inclusive :S) so it will be a challenge! I had basically the same results as you did at the eye doc – bleeds caused by traction on vessels, but apart from that, looking ok… and yes i asked about the pool at the top of my eye too 🙂


  6. Posted by CourtLloyd on October 5, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Quick question… Why no Avastin while pregnant?


    • He gave me two reasons.

      One is that there is the possibility with Avastin shots that shrinking up the proliferative vessels will leave the retina in a state where it again thinks it’s oxygen-starved, and the same impulses that caused the vessels to grow in the first place could cause more new proliferation once the Avastin wears off. In theory, since I’ve had lots of laser treatments and since my diabetes is in very tight control, there shouldn’t be a high risk of that, but the growth hormones that run rampant in one’s body while pregnant can also increase the risk of more proliferation (this is what happened to me in my last pregnancy, even with tight diabetes control), so it’s really just added risk of more proliferation that he (and I) would prefer not to have.

      The second reason is that the potential impact on the baby of retinal Avastin shots isn’t fully known. There is not enough research to say that it definitely is harmful to the baby, but there also isn’t enough research to say that there isn’t. Again, it’s a risk that I’m not willing to take (and neither is he).

      With respect to both reasons, I’d rather live with another 6 or so months of bleeding (as the case may or may not be) and discuss Avastin with him again when i’m no longer pregnant. Thankfully my most recent bleed is starting to clear, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time anyway.

      I hope that answers your question!


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