On a CGMS Break

I’m on a CGMS break again.

(For previous CGMS experiences, breaks, and general frustrations, click here.)

To be fair, most of my recent CGMS experience has been good.  I’m not giving up on it again.  But a few recent realizations and events have led me to put some space between me and my on-again off-again friend.

First reason: I’m running out of real estate.  Using alternate sites for my infusion sets has been challenging enough, and with sensors costing me $50 each (out-of-pocket), I’m not very interested in having to remove one just because it’s too uncomfortable or too visible (no, I’m still not interested in showing it off) or too something else.  I may cave on this eventually, but for now it’s abdomen only.  And because I’m fairly small, there isn’t a lot of room on said abdomen.  Currently I’m sporting some lovely needle tracks up and down my belly – during bikini season, I might add – and I’m getting a bit concerned about scar tissue.  I think this site needs a rest.

Second reason:  last week I had my first aborted sensor insertion attempt.  It went like this…

  1. Running late for work, I realized I hadn’t inserted a new sensor yet.  Husband and daughter were waiting, but I decided to do a quick insert.
  2. Set up insertion as usual.
  3. Closed my eyes (also as usual) and pressed the serter button.
  4. Looked down to find the sensor in about 8mm, and blood dripping out of the intended site.
  5. Cursed.
  6. In most halfway-in-sensor cases (because this does happen to me often), I just grit my teeth and give it a good manual push to finish the insert, but with all the blood this time I didn’t think that was a good idea.
  7. Thinking about all the things $50 could buy, I pulled it out and decided to try again with the same one.  (Spoiler – bad idea.)
  8. Attempted Insertion #2 with Sensor #1.
  9. Cursed again as the sensor only made it about 5mm in this time – certainly thanks in part to a now dull introducer needle.
  10. At this point my husband and 2-year-old daughter came upstairs to see what was taking me so long.  My daughter looked wide-eyed at the needle protruding from my belly and my hubby said, “Uh oh.  Mommy has a boo-boo.  But she’ll be okay, don’t worry.  Look how brave she is!  She doesn’t even cry!”
  11. Gave the needle another good ole manual push and was met with pain.  Not just “that’s a big needle” pain, but “there’s no way that’s going in any further” pain.
  12. Cried.
  13. Sent the husband and daughter downstairs.
  14. Tried one last time to get that sucker in all the way…and gave up.
  15. Removed the sensor and watched myself throw $50 in the garbage.  So disappointing.

Third reason:  a faulty sensor.  After my miserable failure detailed above, the next sensor I inserted went in properly (well, still needed a push, but not bad), and was at an appropriate angle, but still didn’t work.  This time it wasn’t just tracking badly, it was actually giving me “weak signal” and “lost sensor” alarms regularly.  It was useless.  Another $50 wasted.

The good thing is, my bloodsugars have been really gorgeous lately (if I do say so myself!) and I haven’t really been relying on the sensors much anyway.  Lately they’ve mostly been a safety net to keep me from dropping too low at night, but other than that I’m not really getting that much out of them these days.  So I definitely think a break is in order.

Now I just have to heal these belly tracks before bikini season is over!


One response to this post.

  1. You are one tough cookie! I don’t think I would have been able to give it so many tries before officially giving up. Sorry the CGMS aren’t working as they should, but as you said “think a break is in order”.


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