Another A1C Update and Some Randoms

This past week was my Month 2 A1C test with my CDE.  (That is, my 2nd month of really trying to tighten control to possibly prepare myself for possibly having another baby…possibly.)  Last month’s A1C was 6.6 – a significant improvement over the previous month.  I felt that this month had been pretty good, in spite of a few ups and downs, so I expected to see another drop this time.  

As it turned out, I was 6.6 again.  In all honesty, I’m a bit disappointed.  I know a 6.6 is really a fantastic A1C, a big improvement over a few months ago, and a HUGE improvement over the control I’ve had for most of my life.  It’s just that I was trying so hard….and it didn’t move. 


I’m totally fine with a 6.6 A1C pre-conception, and I’m sure my endo will be too, but I really want it to be lower during pregnancy, and this makes me doubt my ability to do that – particularly with the majorly fluctuating hormones that go with pregnancy.

So even though I probably shouldn’t be, I’m a bit disappointed.

Anyway…that’s the A1C update.  On to the randoms:

1. I see my endo next week.  I was supposed to see her during the last week of April, but she had to change the appointment date, so now I see her this week.  Since I got my bloodwork for the appointment done yesterday, I guess there’s not much more I can do to tighten control before seeing her.  All I can do is log.  Log log log.  Blech.

2. Closely related to #1 above, I’m having a log-block.  I’m already getting VERY sick of it.  The breaks I take from it are, unfortunately, only serving to make my logs look like swiss cheese – with big holes in what should be trends.  It makes for a lot more guesswork.  But seriously – if I have a log burnout already, how can I possibly keep it going during a pregnancy that may not even start for months yet…..?  It’s going to be a balance between optimal logging and realistic logging, I guess.  I feel like I need to make a log joke here, but I can only think of lame ones, like how I have enough logs already to build a cabin or something like that….so let’s skip it. 

3.  For a long time now I’ve been using Arrowhead Mills corn spaghetti (gluten-free) in place of  “real” pasta.  But last week, while making a delicious casserole, I realized that Catelli Smart Pasta actually has virtually the same amount of carbs and fibre…but also has more protein than the Arrowhead Mills type.  Since I’m not eating gluten-free anymore, I think I’m going to make the switch.  I have yet to find any truly low-carb pasta here in Canada (let me know when Dreamfields gets here…or should I just bite the bullet and order it online?), so it seems that Catelli Smart Pasta in small portions is my best bet for now.

4. On a less positive note, lately my blog stats are showing more and more people finding me through search engine queries like this: will I go blind with retinopathy?  It makes me sad – people looking for some comfort while they send answerless questions into cyberspace.  I don’t know, folks.  I really don’t.  I’m sorry.  All I can say is take care of what you have, and do it now.

5.  Just because I hate to leave with such a sombre tone, here’s a non-D random for you.  I’m really liking The Black Keys lately…especially this song.  Give it a listen!


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  1. Wow, your A1C is awesome. I know it feels like a lot of work did not very much, but in the long run it WILL help. I’ve had days/weeks where I changed what I ate and didn’t see the results until much time had passed. Keep it up!


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