12 of 12 – December: The Vegas Edition!!

 This month’s 12 of 12 is coming to you from Vegas!!!  (Sorry it’s a bit late – I had to wait until I got home to post.)  I just got back from 5 days there with my good friend Michelle.  We had a blast!!  I guess I cheated a bit this month because some of the pictures were actually taken by Michelle (because I wanted to be in them).  Hopefully you can forgive me for that!   

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

My yoga view

1. This was the view out of our hotel window.  It was actually a much more panoramic view than the picture provides, but the lighting was bad and I was getting window reflections so this is all you’re getting.  I got to stare at the Wynn and down the strip out of my window at the Encore while doing yoga in the mornings.

Silly sock puppet

 2. This is a silly, but expensive, sock puppet that I bought for my daughter.  She really likes puppets, and giggled at this one when I gave it to her yesterday.

Breakfast dessert

 3.  We treated ourselves to the Wynn buffet breakfast/brunch.  There was a huge dessert station at the buffet.  These were my breakfast desserts.  You can’t tell, but they’re actually tiny.  Just a couple of inches tall. Yummy!

More breakfast dessert

 4. Also for “breakfast dessert”, I tried a couple of these marshmallow lollypops.  So good!  Good thing my pump was loaded with insulin!

Halle borrows my insulin pump

 5. Speaking of insulin, on our trip to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum I was kind enough to lend my pump to fellow diabetic, Halle Berry! 

The view from my pool lounger...ahhh....

 6. After Tussaud’s we had a bit of a sit in the lounge chairs by the pool.  It wasn’t quite swimming weather (almost), but this Winnipeg girl sure enjoyed reading a magazine in the sun in a t-shirt in the middle of December!

Crazy lamp

 7.  These lamps (this is just the base) were all over the Encore.  Wacky!

One of many hallways

 8.  This is one of many long empty hallways that I walked down to get to the Wynn Business Center (the Encore Business Center was closed) to mail a Las Vegas postcard to my friend Mike S.  Every time I turned a corner there was another hallway just like this.  There must have been at least 7 before I got there – I’m not even kidding!

What's missing here?

 9.  Our elevator was missing floors 40-49!  For the 5 days we were there, we tried to figure out whether they weren’t there at all (i.e. floor 50 is actually floor 40) or whether the elevator just skipped by them (i.e. they were accessible by another elevator).  Since the wait between 39 and 50 was the same as the wait between 38 and 39, I’m opting for the former…but I don’t understand what the reason for this would be.

Ain't she sweet?

 10.  This Statue of Liberty at the New York New York hotel is made entirely of Jelly Belly candies!  Yum!

MGM Lions

 11.  It was impossible to get a picture of these big cats without flash and casino lights in the glass, but here are the MGM lions.  Notice that there are some people hanging out in there with them.  It was kind of weird to see.  I felt a bit sad for these guys (the lions).  Apparently they actually live on a ranch somewhere near Vegas, but still…what lion wants to spend hours of his or her day in a casino?

Mr. Copperfield

12.  The last major activity of the day was the David Copperfield magic show!  We quite enjoyed it!  Mr. Copperfield is actually quite a funny man.  We were, however, curious as to what exactly makes a magician “Grade A”. 

For next month’s 12 of 12, we’re back to Winnipeg!  Don’t get too excited…..  😉


3 responses to this post.

  1. What a SWEET day! 😉
    Thanks for taking us along. Happy Holidays!


  2. Glad you had a lovely time – the breakfast desserts look fantastic, and I love the Jelly Belly Statue of Liberty!

    Sorry my comment is late – I wanted to wait until my own 12 was up, before I visited everyone else’s.



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