Sick Day ‘Betes

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been sick.  So sick.  Ugh.

This last bout of illness really drove home for me how complicated it is to be sick with diabetes.  I actually think I would have been better days earlier had it not been for the ‘betes.  I say this for two reasons:

1. Ketones and I had a massive struggle last week.  Ketones almost won, but I persevered.  Food wasn’t exactly appealing last week, but I still managed to ingest enough to take my insulin.  So I thought I’d be okay, but I kept having trouble overnight.  Even when my bloodsugar wasn’t very high, I ran really high ketones!  I felt miserable!  One morning I could barely get out of bed because of it, even though my bloodsugar was only in the “slightly elevated” range.  It seems they must have been “starvation ketones” – which are, I suppose, not that abnormal to have in small quantities after fasting, but mine were getting way out of hand.  Note to self: ingest more calories next time I’m sick.  A few rice cakes and a couple pieces of Gluten Free toast didn’t cut it.  I lost at least one day of work to ketones.  Bah.

2. On Friday night I thought I was getting better, but then I had some sort of wacky low bloodsugar problem.  Whether it was a cause of my digestive system being buggered up or whether it was just an absorption issue at my pump site, I do not know, but it was misearable.  Friday afternoon I couldn’t get my bloodsugar down, and then Friday evening I couldn’t get my bloodsugar up!  The fight completely battered my flu-torn body and totally set me back by at least a day in the recovery process – particularly because a night of bad bloodsugars does not a good sleep make.  Bah.

I try not to be a Debbie Downer about diabetes, but this past week diabetes sucked.  Bah.

In happier news…come back early next week for a very special edition of 12 of 12!  Oooooh!


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