A Request

Today I found out that a little boy who we know was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

We don’t know him well, but in all honesty, it’s kind of the first time that I’ve seen someone I know even just a little bit be diagnosed with D.

As a mother, the news was heartbreaking.  He’s just a few months older than my daughter.  It feels too close to home – especially when the possibility of her tiny pancreas giving up like mine did is always at the back of my mind (98% chance that she won’t get it…98% chance that she won’t get it…).  I ache for his parents when I think of the road ahead – the frustration and the worry.  No child should have to deal with that.  No parent should have to either.

But as a woman with almost 30 years of diabetes under her belt – a woman who lived that childhood – the thing I feel most for them is hope.  I feel like my life is pretty good – even with diabetes and it’s complications, frustrations, and curve-balls.  I consider myself a succesful and healthy diabetic (yes, even with this pesky retinopathy), and I started this process on one shot of insulin per day.  When I look at the huge advances in technology and treatment options – not to mention the understanding of this disease and its quirks – it gives me so much hope for this little guy and his folks.  He’s going to have so much that I didn’t have growing up, and it’s only going to continue to get better.  

Plus, there’s the Diabetes Online Community (of course)!  Now here’s where you guys come in.  I am pretty familiar by now with a whole shwack (is that a word?) of resources for adults with Type 1, but I’m horribly unfamiliar with online resources for Parents of Children with Type 1.  If you have any recommendations for websites, forums, blogs, etc. that I can pass on to them, please leave me links in a comment or email me (mewithd (at) gmail (dot) com).  Ideally, I’d love some Canadian sites to pass on to them (Winnipeg resources would be even better), but anything you can give me is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!


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  1. Posted by John on November 3, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    http://www.type1parents.org Is IMHO the best site on the web for parents of diabetic children. They talk about issues none of the mainstream diabetic forum members tend to have any experience with, things relevant to raising diabetic children.


  2. Posted by Darlene on November 3, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    So sorry to hear of this little ones diagnosis. The parents are probably very overwhelmed right now and might not be ready for this much information. The folowing web site has educated me more than any book or Dr. or CDE. It is the best diabetes web site I have ever used, and I’m an adult. childrenwithdiabetes.com These parents are a very dedicated bunch and could probably answer just about any question posed.
    It is american so remember to divide all BG # by 18 to get mmol
    There are many parts to this site. I mostly read the forums and there is a real time chat area to get quick info.


  3. Posted by Lorraine on November 4, 2010 at 7:20 am

    I would be happy to point you to resources as well as people (parents of children with diabetes, including Canadian families).

    A starting point is:

    CWD forum

    Beyond that, I can make personal connections on Twitter and facebook. I think you have my email address as a poster to your blog – feel free to email me.



  4. Thanks for the great suggestions!

    Lorraine, I’m going to wait and see if these folks are interested in some more personal connections before I get them from you. Like Darlene said, they’re probably pretty overwhelmed right now, so I think I’ll start small with some of these websites and then see if they’d like more. I’ll be sure to contact you if they do!

    Thanks again!


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