The Fall TV Line-Up

If you don’t watch TV and/or don’t care about TV, you might not want to read this post.  There’s nothing diabetes-y in it.  Sorry.

I decided that, in honour of the new fall TV season starting (mainly this week), I would give you a run-down of what we here at the Rose household are looking forward to watching!  Here they are, in no particular order:


We really like this show, but we do often wonder why.  It feels like we’re always on the edge of our seat trying to figure out what the dying patient has and whether House will figure it out in time, but when the answer comes (which it always does – usually through House’s 11th hour epiphany), we never know what it means anyway!  It’s not like you can make some guesses and beat House to the diagnosis!  Well, unless you’re a doctor or maybe a med student, but we’re neither.  Still, we love the show.  I guess it’s the characters.  And this year House and Cuddy are together!  Ooooh!


Definitely one of our cheesier favourites.  But as far from reality as this show may be, we do love Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and (of course) Morgan.  My only complaint is that everytime Chuck “flashes” (for those of you who don’t watch the show, this isn’t a reference to an indecent act), he looks like he’s going to pass out or throw up.  I really don’t like the flash-face.  But whatever…it’s a fun show!


Yeah, that’s right…I’m a gleek.  If you watch it too, you’ll know why!  I almost forgot to include this one, because this is not on the “Rose Family” line-up…it’s just on the “Bethany” line-up.  My husband has no interest in watching it with me, and I’m guessing he’ll appreciate the fact that I clarified that here.  Yeah, yeah, it’s a show about high school and I’m in my 30s, but you have to admit that it’s entertaining!


Seriously one of my favourite shows.  Ever.  Absolutely hilarious!  This is another one of those shows that gets less and less believable every season, but it still keeps us coming back.  By the way, the new season for this one has started already, so if you haven’t been watching it you have some catching up to do!  A warning, though – don’t watch it with the kids!


The Office

 My husband and I are both “office folks”, so the humour in this show is very relateable!  Thankfully, I have never worked for anyone quite as prone to uncomfortable situations as Michael Scott.  Sometimes I’m uncomfortable just watching him!  But I’m a true fan of the show.  I even have a Dwight bobble-head to prove it!




I didn’t love this one at first, but it’s really grown on me!  It’s really funny!  By far, the show-stealer is Abed.  If they ever lose him they might be screwed.




30 Rock

While I really can’t relate to this show at all, but it still makes me laugh.  I wonder if Liz will find a man this season… 

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the fourth show in the Thursday Night NBC Block this year.  It sounds like Parks and Recreation is coming back, but first they’re showing a new show called Outsourced.  I guess we’ll check it out!  If it’s a Thursday Night NBC show, it’s bound to elicit some laughs!

And that’s the fall line-up at our house!  What are some of your favourites!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I’m wishing I had cable so I could watch Weeds when it’s on instead of when it makes it to Netflix! I laughed reading your description of House, because it’s so true. I love it too. One I would add is “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Love it!


  2. I love House, Chuck, 30 Rock and The Office. And I just got turned onto Modern Family as well… hilarious!

    Also if you’ve never seen them, the best comedy that has ever been on is Curb Your Enthusiasm. Check it out!


  3. we just got cable again yesterday! it’s the first time we’ve had any television at all … since we moved in april 15th lol. (i guess i got a little lazy on calling the cable company lol) either way i liked your post about your shows and it made me laugh a little because i’m not sure i’ve watched any of those shows before! time to add them to my list to see if i like them!


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