Two Quick “Grrr”s

I keep forgetting to change my infusion set early enough.  As a result, I keep having either occlusion problems or absorption problems.  Because I’m on a pretty teenie basal rate most of the time, and because I don’t think these are true full occlusions, I don’t get an alarm on the pump…I just find out when I become uncomfortably high.  Grrr!

Last night was one of these times.  I woke up around 1:30 am last night when my daughter was making some noise, so I figured I’d check the ole BS.  9.2 mmol/l (166 mg/dl).  Blah. Took a correction bolus and went back to bed.  At 4:30 am I was up again and incredibly thirsty, so I tested again.  17.6 mmol/l (317 mg/dl)!!  Yuck!  I changed the infusion set, took a large correction, and went back to bed. It worked, because when I got up at 8:00 am I was 6.3 mmol/l (113 mg/dl).  Not too shabby of a recovery! 

But apparently I experienced some insulin stacking when I bolused for breakfast, because now I’ve been low all morning!  Grrr! And I have lots to do this morning and no time to sit and rest.  But if I don’t sit and rest, my bloodsugar doesn’t come up no matter how much I eat!  So I’m sitting and resting and bitching and complaining to you about it! 🙂  Another example of how diabetes may not run my life, but it sure gets in the way of it sometimes….


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  1. Posted by Sylvie on August 29, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Yeah….I get that!!! Hope your BG stabilizes and you can enjoy the rest of the day,


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