Speaking of Seven Things

I feel like I’ve been a very bad blogger this week.  I don’t know where all of my time has gone, but I’ve hardly even been on the computer since my last post!  I do humbly apologize to my faithful blog readers for being so slow to post!  I hope you can forgive me!

Today’s post is a bunch of little stuff for you to chew on:

1. Speaking of chewing…

…avocados are my new super-snack.  In the last while, I’ve been looking for low-carb snacks that are preferably (a) as natural as possible (i.e. not full of artificial sweeteners), and (b) full of healthy fats. 

Now that I’ve been at this low(ish) carb thing for a while (long enough that I’m no longer going to make the term “low carb” a hyperlink to one of my older posts where I explain my low(ish) carb eating…because you guys know that already), I’ve ended up losing a fair bit of weight.   My weight dropped to a point that I was really happy with it, and then I got sick and lost more.  Although some of it has come back now, I find myself in a position I never expected to be in – one of aiming for weight maintenance (or even a bit of gain) rather than loss.  Plus, my energy levels have been low after our family’s recent Plague (which actually warrants capitalization), so I need to make sure I’m still getting sufficient calories even without the high carbs.  

Anyway…blah blah blah…and that’s why I’m looking to eat healthy fats!  Avocados are chock full of them, and taste GREAT too!  They have that awesome texture that makes me want to smear them all over my skin!  Mmm….messy.       

2. Speaking of messy…

…we now have a house-cleaner!  Yesterday, for the first time, we had our house cleaned by a professional.  Wow!  It was amazing!  We got home from work and our house was spotless!  She got all those hard-to-clean places that we either ignore or try to clean but fail!  She paid attention to minute house-cleaning detail!  She made our toilet paper ends into triangles like they do at nice hotels!  And we didn’t have to do a thing!!  (Oh, except pay her…)  We’ve decided to hire her to come every two weeks.  My life just got a little brighter. 🙂 

3.  Speaking of my life getting a little brighter…

…yesterday I finally picked up my new glasses!  I really like them!  In spite of the fact that nobody seemed to notice them, I think they look great, and so does my husband.  (And really, we’re the two people who most need to like them, when it comes right down to it.) 

As you may have noticed in the picture of me wearing them, they have fairly thick, dark arms on the side.  These arms provide an unexpected added benefit for me.  They actually are hiding a lot of the remaining blood that’s hanging around in my eyes from my retinal hemorrhages!  Sounds weird, I know, but it’s true!  Most of the leftover mess is in my periphery, and even the more recent bleeds I’ve had have been in the periphery.  With the dark arms in my peripheral vision, I barely even notice the blood (other than the goopy floaty blob that’s still hanging out in my left eye).  To be fair, it doesn’t mean my peripheral vision is better – it’s still blocked – but being reminded regularly that I’m wearing stylish glasses is much nicer than being reminded that I have retinopathy.  🙂  (By the way, look for a retinopathy update coming soon.)

4. Speaking of being reminded…

…I want to remind you to check out this blog:  What Some Would Call Lies.  It’s written by the wonderfully entertaining Mr. Mike Lawson.  His posts have been piquing my interest more than usual, so this reminder is for those of you who may also be interested in having your interest piqued.  One of his recent posts that I found especially piqueish (?!) is this one about blood glucose monitors.  Check it out!

5. Speaking of blood glucose monitors…

…I have in my possession a brand new Contour USB meter.  Although it’s been in my possession for a while already, I have yet to try it.  This is because it didn’t come with sample strips.  My CDE has made some sample strips available to me, so I don’t really want to go buy any without knowing whether or not I will like the meter, but I have yet to have a chance to go pick up the strips!  I’m hoping for a chance this week.  So watch my blog for a review of the Contour USB meter – hopefully sooner rather than later!  I’m hoping the new lancing device works better than my current one too, although to be fair, my finger tips are pretty calloused and not exactly needle-friendly.

6. Speaking of needles…

…yesterday my massage therapist (who also does acupuncture) stuck some teenie tiny adhesive acupuncture needles in a couple of immunity-related points in my arms.  (My daughter has a cold and I am run down as usual and trying not to contract said cold.)  So I walked around for the rest of the day with needles stuck in my arms – close to my “elbow pits”.  In the past this would have totally freaked me out, even though they’re tiny, but after hundreds of infusion sets, a c-section, and a tattoo, needles don’t seem to bother me much anymore. 

Anyway, the other interesting thing about this appointment was the discussion we had about drinking (water) and peeing.  (This is probably less weird for you with diabetes to read than for you without.)  She (my massage therapist, that is) suggested that, based on my amount of intake/output, as well as my constant tiredness and run-down-ness, my body is probably not using fluids efficiently and that I’m at least partially dehydrated a lot of the time.  

Her explanation involved a chi imbalance, which I don’t understand enough to explain, but regardless, I do agree with her about the dehydration!  It doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink or how good my bloodsugars are, I still feel dehydrated most of the time – tired and dry.  It may very well have to do with my wacky dietary changes when I’ve been sick and on vacation, so I’m hoping now that I’m eating more “normally” (for me, that is), that I’ll notice a change for the better.  

But here’s the other thing…I know for a fact that CGMS sensors do not work in me when I’m dehydrated.  I also know for a fact that CGMS sensors have been virtually useless to me lately.  Coincidence?  I think not!  That was my “Aha!” moment for the week – plus it probably saved me $50 since I’m now going to wait to insert a new sensor until I’m feeling better hydrated!

7. And speaking of hydration…

…it’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and I’d like to be sipping a Corona on a patio with my husband later this afternoon, but we have no babysitter, so someone out there have a patio Corona for me please!  Cheers!

(Note: This is in no way an attempt to copy Kerri’s patented Friday Six!  Besides, I have seven things, and it’s just a coincidence that it’s Friday!  I swear!)


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  1. I love to have a cleaner. Sounds like you’ve had a productive week!


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