One of Eight

Back in May, I had a lovely chat over the phone with a lovely lady named Tracey Neithercott.  Tracey is the Associate Editor of Diabetes Forecast Magazine, put out by the American Diabetes Association.  She was doing research for an article that she was writing about real women’s experiences with diabetes and pregnancy.  I have blogged ad nauseum about my experience with diabetes and pregnancy (largely here, but also a bit here and here), so Tracey asked to hear my story for the article. 

The article is now available online.  Check it out here!  (Sadly the print edition only includes four of the eight women, and yours truly isn’t one of the lucky four.)

I’m really excited to be included in this article along with two other blogging beauties who I respect immensely, not only as bloggers, but as mothers with diabetes: Kerri Morrone Sparling who writes Six Until Me, and Cheryl Alkon who writes Managing the Sweetness Within and who authored the book  Balancing Pregnancy With Preexisting Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby (which also features my story)!  

This month’s Diabetes Forecast Magazine also features another article by Tracey called A Guide to Pregnancy With Diabetes. 

Now go check it out!


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