12 of 12 – July

As a relatively new blogger, I recently discovered a really fun blog phenomenon called 12 of 12.  I was introduced to it by the wonderful Mike Lawson, of What Some Would Call Lies (I love his blog – you should really check it out).  12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  I like blogging and I like taking pictures, so it seemed like fun!   

So here it is – my first ever 12 of 12!  


My New Office Carpet

 Last week we had new carpet installed at work.  My office was done on Thursday night, but since I don’t work Fridays I didn’t get to see it until yesterday.  It’s alright, I guess.  It was snagged already, though.  I didn’t get a picture of the snag. 


My meds

I currently have a wickedly bad cold.  This is the cocktail of meds that I’ve been taking.  Shortly after taking this picture, my ninja pharmacist advised me that it would be best not to take both the Otrivan and the Actifed, so if I had taken this picture later in the day it wouldn’t have included the Actifed. 


My useless calendar

You may notice that this calendar is still on May.  What you don’t realize is that it’s actually May 2009.  That’s when I went on maternity leave and that’s the last time I touched that calendar.  I’ve been back at work for a month already, but I still haven’t removed said calendar.  Initially I kind of just kept forgetting, and I hadn’t decided if I was going to search for a new 2010 calendar mid-year, but now it’s become a bit of a conversation piece so I just leave it up there.  It’s funny how many people (including me) look at it when trying to figure out schedule-related problems, as if it holds all the answers, even though we know that it’s the wrong month and the wrong year.  For some reason we just feel the need to look at a calendar, even if it’s the wrong one. 


My view

This is the view out of my office window.  Downtown Winnipeg on a sunny summer day.  Officially it’s a 17th floor view, but in reality there is no 13th floor in our building (This is something I’ve never understood – don’t the people on 14 realize they’re actually on 13?  Are we really that superstitious and that gullible?), so it’s a 16th floor view. 


My smile cookie

This is a smile cookie from the bakery at Victoria Beach.  My mother-in-law tells me that they have had these cookies at that bakery ever since she was a kid.  They’re quite tasty.  This cookie didn’t really fit into my low(ish) carb diet, but I ate it anyway.  I have more cheat days when I’m sick because carbs are my comfort food. 


Fish fly

This is a fish fly.  There were copious amounts of fish flies at Victoria Beach this past weekend.  We brought a lot of them home on our van and have been leaving them everywhere that the van goes.  Our garage is full of them now.  This one removed itself from the van while I was at work yesterday and attached itself to the parking garage wall.  I thought that was kind of funny.  Ugly little critter, eh?  At least they don’t bite! 



This is me on the way home from work yesterday.  I was waiting in the van for my husband to go into the daycare lady’s house and get our daughter.  Normally I’m the one who goes in, but I didn’t want to bring my germiness into a daycare, so I sat in the van and waited for them. 


Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Farm

This is one of my daughter’s favourite toys.  I have to admit, it is quite entertaining.  There’s lots to do and it makes lots of sound effects and sings songs.  There’s one thing that bothers me about it, though.  As you can see, there are some “vegetables” planted in front of the cow.  There’s a song about these vegetables and how they are shapes, and in one place the song says, “What’s that growing in the ground?  Looks like something red and round.  A tomato?!”  Everyone knows that tomatoes don’t grow in the ground!   Come on!  The orange triangle is a carrot, but they never do say what the “purple square” is.  I find this song very unsatisfying. 


My dog

This is my dog.  His name is Murphy and he’s a three-year-old black lab.  He is cute and sweet and has boundless energy (not evidenced here). 


Clean dishes!! Yay!

This is what my husband and I came home to yesterday – a sink full of clean dishes!  Fantastic!  My mother-in-law was staying with us for a couple of days and she had washed our dishes for us while we were at work!  How nice! 


My music

This is one of my new favourite songs by one of my new favourite artists on my very old iPod.  Check it out here.  This picture also exhibits my beautiful poked-up fingertip.  Look familiar anyone? 



These raspberries are growing in our garden and are one of the few things the rabbits and birds haven’t been eating.  Also in our garden: beans, lettuce, spinach, basil, tomatoes, and peppers (green and cayenne). 

And that’s it for my first ever 12 of 12!  Fun!


10 responses to this post.

  1. Welcome to 12 of 12! Hope you enjoyed it, and do it again – I loved seeing into a new person’s life!

    Hope the cold gets better – but yay for nice MILs washing up! Also yay for homegrown raspberries (my parents have a bush too). Yay for cute pups (Labs are allowed to look sleepy, I think – balances out their crazy time), but eeeeeesh on the fish bug. I hate BUGS! [shudder]

    Thanks for your comment too! I saw a Bethany and wondered who it was!


  2. As this is your first 12 of 12, Firstly Welcome… Secondly, you did a great job for your first time. It’s not that anyone does a bad job put your took some really good pictures. The first one of the carpet made for a very good picture if anything for the patten in the carpet. Then there is the cookie and the fish fly. Your self portrait in the car mirror was great. Anyway you get the idea. I think you did really well. So thanks for sharing your day through the lens. I hope we will see more 12 of 12 photos from you next month. It’s easy to forget so now you’ve got some use for that useless calendar 🙂 See you next month…


  3. PS Comment: I just read why the calendar is useless so maybe you’ll have to get a new one to help remember 12 of 12. Sorry about that. Maybe use the one on your computer or phone. You’ll figure something out….


    • Thanks for your comments TJ! I’m definitely planning on doing 12 of 12 again. I have a recurring reminder set in my Blackberry for the 12th of every month, so I’ll be okay without the useless calendar. 😉


  4. I think that there is a plan to continue the 12 of 12 after Chad leaves…I actually know someone that registered 12of12.com. So I’m hopeful.

    WONDERFUL set! I agree with Helen. It’s cool to see so many photos from one person’s normal day. Too often we see wedding photos or birthday photos. But it’s cool to get a glimpse into a person’s routine.

    And when you’re sick, I think you HAVE to break your D-diet a bit. Right?


    • Thanks Mike! I really had fun doing it! It’s good to hear that there’s the possibility of it continuing after Chad leaves.

      Yeah, I totally broke my D-diet. I do think it’s a must when sick. 😉


  5. I was JUST in a meeting where everyone turned to a calendar on the wall that had not been turned over since May 2010. We still all looked at it while figuring out days 🙂 (I did turn it over before I left the office though!)


  6. Posted by Catherine Sawatzky on October 21, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    I just looked through your “12 of 12”, I love looking at all the pics! That office carpet scared me……..don’t like to be reminded of work in the evening!

    Smily cookies are great! You should try the Dream Cookies from Victoria Beach too (next time your sick!) if you haven’t already.


    • Hi Catherine! 🙂 Glad you liked the pictures! I have also tried the Dream Cookies from Victoria Beach. They’re even better than the smile cookies! Mmmm…… Now I want some!


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