I’m a Winner!

Early this year I made a pharmacy switch.  I was dealing with a larger pharmacy, which had its benefits, but I made the decision to switch to a smaller pharmacy.  As a diabetic and a new mother, I really wanted to develop a closer connection with my pharmacy and my pharmacist.  We diabetics have a unique relationship with our pharmacists in that we need them (need them) to provide us with life-sustaining medication and supplies.  As such, I wanted the level of personal service that only a small pharmacy can provide: to be greeted by name, to have my questions answered by someone who knows me and knows my family, and to develop a collaborative relationship regarding getting all of my diabetes supplies into my hands as needed. 

Being a relatively anonymous diabetic at a large pharmacy tended to have the drawback of being treated like a doesn’t-know-what-she’s-doing diabetic…which, most frustratingly, often included having my quantity of supplies questioned.  (This might be a slightly different phenomenon in Canada than in the U.S. where I understand it’s usually the insurance companies questioning supply quantities.)  Anyway…I was ready for a change.

So I switched to my local Sobeys Pharmacy (i.e. the pharmacy in my grocery store).  It is staffed by only three individuals – two pharmacists and a pharmacy technician.  Their service is superb.  Very quickly I was developing that collaborative relationship that I was looking for, and feeling very well cared for.  It’s a good feeling. 🙂

One of the programs at the Sobeys Pharmacy is the Diabetes Care in Action program, which my pharmacist recommended to me.  Through this program I get regular newsletters, and recently there was a contest advertised in one of the newsletters.  To enter, one had to write a short description of why his or her pharmacist was the best.  Quite convinced that my pharmacist is, in fact, the best, I decided to enter.

Just yesterday, I found out that I won!!!  Yay!  The prize is $150 in free groceries for me and also for my pharmacist!  Free groceries!  Also yay!

Here, for your reading pleasure, is the winning entry:

My PROfile Pharmacist is the best because…

 …he has taken the time to develop a relationship with me.  As a diabetic I rely on my pharmacist to provide me with medication and supplies.  Jesse goes beyond this in many ways:  he stocks unique items that I regularly use, helps me problem-solve when a product isn’t working for me, and provides me with the most up-to-date information on the products I use.  Jesse always makes an effort to understand my needs and preferences so that he can provide me with the best care possible.  As well, because he has introduced me to the Diabetes Care in Action program, I now receive interesting newsletters and great recipes!

Jesse has also provided me with a real sense of security in caring for my first child.  He has been an invaluable source of information any time I have had questions about treating my daughter’s ailments.  He always remembers our previous discussions and never fails to follow up with me on how his recommendations have worked out. 

I really appreciate Jesse because he helps me take care of myself and my family.  With him as our pharmacist, I know we are in very good hands!

Anyway, winning feels great, and free groceries will be awesome, but on top of that, I’m really happy to have given my pharmacist some recognition for the hard work he does for me and for his other patients.  I still think he may be a ninja….


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