Bethany Meets Her Mascot Crush

I have a thing for mascots.  Not a “thing”…just a thing.  A G-rated, childlike….thing.  

Even though I’m 31 years old, I still refuse to believe that mascots are simply underpaid, over-energetic, over-heated human beings inside outrageously colourful and awkward costumes.  That truth is at odds with my need to clap and giggle when I see them, and it’s definitely at odds with my need to hug and by hugged by them.  Maybe I’m making up for lost experiences of my childhood when I was too afraid of mascots to enjoy them, but whatever the reason, I now LOVE them!

My favourite of all mascots is the Green Drop.  Those of you not from West/Central Canada probably do not know who the Green Drop is.  Green Drop is a landscaping company that has an office in my hometown.  For whatever reason (advertising, I suppose) they have a mascot who is just that…a green drop.  He can be seen at various local events, but I first developed my mascot crush on him when I saw him at a Winnipeg Blue Bombers football game.  The official Bombers mascots, Buzz and Boomer, were picking on him as usual and I felt bad for him.  Plus he was just so terribly cute!

So, imagine my surprise when, at the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes on Sunday, I spied out of my little eye….something that was GREEN!  Of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a photo opp, since our team captain had her camera with her.  So, here, courtesy of the lovely Catherine MacDonald of the Maestro Project, is a picture of me with my favourite mascot – the Green Drop.

Me with the Green Drop . . . and some other dude.

Now you may notice a couple of things about this picture.

First, the Green Drop is clearly holding me at arms’ length.  I fear he may have heard of my mascot crush on him and been a bit skeeved.  Truth be told, I’m really not quite sure what Catherine told him to convince him to take a picture with me.  It may have been “This woman is considering leaving her husband for you” (not true) or “My crazy friend is going to make a scene if you don’t pose for this picture” (“crazy” is a strong word).  Regardless, he seems far less happy about posing with me than I was about posing with him.  In fact, with his other hand, he seems to be doing the “Hey, look over there!” in hopes that we’ll all look and he can dash away from us.  I’m a bit disappointed at that.  I was hoping for a full-on mascot hug from him, but clearly I was denied.  I may have to choose a new favourite mascot.

Second, there is another mascot in the picture.  He was not asked to be in the picture.  I don’t know who he is.  The “Go-To” Guy?  I think he had something to do with safety.  Maybe he was the Green Drop’s bodyguard.  Anyway, Go-To-Guy, unlike his friend the Green Drop, was far more willing to snuggle than Mr. Drop.  In fact, he was downright touchy-feely!  It seems that he has the same penchant for people as I have for mascots.  Since I do love mascots, you would think I’d be happy about this, but I was too focused on trying to inch closer to my green friend who, in turn, was focused on pushing me into the arms of another.

So, while I had hoped for a picture of me and my Drop, arms around each other and heads together like long lost buddies, I somehow managed to end up in the middle of a mascot love triangle (still G-rated, people!) that still has me a bit confused.


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