Walking in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Yesterday was the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes!  We had a wonderfully sunny day after many days of rain, so it was nice to see the weather finally cooperating!  As usual, I walked as part of Team Maestro, headed up by our faithful team captain, Catherine MacDonald (coordinator of the Maestro Project)! 

I was looking forward to walking with my daughter this year (last year my husband and I didn’t participate because we had just recently become parents and were busy doing the new-baby thing), but as it turned out, she came down with a fever and my husband had to stay home with her.  Oh well….there’s always next year!

With the help of some very generous friends and family, my husband and I were able to raise just over $2000 for the JDRF this year!  We are absolutely thrilled!  I did some quick math yesterday and realized that, in the three years that we have walked (two of which we were joined by my sister-in-law), we have raised almost $7000 for the JDRF!!  Wow!

Seeing numbers like that really makes us feel very lucky!  It is only because of the generosity of those close to us that we are able to do this! 

Diabetes is something that we live with every day.  (Well, I live with it every day, and my husband lives with me every day, so he lives with it every day too.)  Most of the impact of diabetes on our lives is negative – the bloodsugar management frustrations, the tedium of the logging and problem-solving, the endless needles, the frustrating doctors’ appointments, the reliance on imperfect technologies, the self-denial, the consequences of forgetting things, the nypos, the all-too-frequent feelings of guilt, failure and frustration, and (of course) the retinopathy and related laser treatments.  

But every year when we do our donation drive for the JDRF walk, we see something very positive.  We see people pulling together to achieve a common goal of beating this disease – people who have diabetes in their lives and people who don’t but who care about someone who does.  We see how much our friends and family care about us and about a cause that is so important to us.  We see that we’re not alone.

We see love and we see hope.

We feel love…we feel hope.   

Thank you to all of you who donated or who walked (or will be walking at another location later this year).  You are helping the JDRF continue to bring us closer to a cure!


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