Trying the CGMS Again…Part IV

Well, this is “the rest of the story“.

The sensor came out on Day 5 after close to 24 hours of unreliable readings.  I don’t know if it was a calibration issue or a hydration issue, or simply a sensor issue, but that one was done. 

I know I shouldn’t complain, because it lasted 3 days, and really that’s the “official” length of time they’re supposed to last, but really…they should last longer.  They used to!

One of the reasons I caved on Day 5 was that it was itchy.  SO itchy!  Normally the adhesive doesn’t bother me too badly, but this one got a bit of water under it, which seemed to make it unusually irritated.  (I always cover the whole shebang with some IV3000 adhesive.)  So I was happy to have that sucker out anyway.

Interestingly, this one was at a pretty normal angle when I took it out.  Most of the sensors I’ve used in the recent past have come out looking pretty kinked for some reason that I still haven’t figured out.

So, did I insert another sensor? 


Like I said, they’re going to expire soon anyway, so I might as well use them!

The new one went in yesterday with a lot of pain and even more bleeding.  This one gushed!  Often the bleeders seem to be the ones that have the most trouble later, so I wasn’t feeling too optimistic after that.  I did what I could to rinse it out before attaching the transmitter, but I don’t know if it’ll be enough.  This was yesterday, and I actually ended up having to turn it off last night because it kept buzzing to tell me I was 2.9 mmol/l (52 mg/dl) when, in fact, I was 5.7 mmol/l (103 mg/dl) and trying to sleep! 

I restarted the new sensor this morning and so far it seems to be working fairly well!  It even caught a quick-rising bloodsugar that was the result of forgetting to bolus with breakfast (an unfortunate habit of mine)!  Yay!  (Yay on the catch, not on the forgetting.)  So, hopefully this one will be okay….at least for a few days!

*fingers crossed*


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Noelle on June 7, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    you inspire me B! I’m using the CGMS now too, and i feel the same about them. Love it when it works,,, hate it when it doesn’t… I am trying to be more hydrated, it only makes sense that that would help. And mine last about 4-5 days too.
    As for adhesive, I ordered tagaderm from superstore pharmacy, it is completely watertight, but makes me way itchier. I’m out of IV3000, but will get a box, and use both types.


    • My skin can’t stand tegaderm! It is SO itchy! For me IV3000 is the only good option I’ve found. I’m glad you’re having some success with the CGMS! 🙂


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