Road Trip

A while ago I posted about travelling while on a low(ish) carb diet and mentioned that I had a family trip coming up that was causing me some stress in terms of said diet.  Well, that trip was earlier this month, so I figured I’d fill you in on how it all panned out!

For the record, my Cheat Day was part of this trip, but was definitely not representative of my noshing style for the rest of the trip!

To give you some background, we spent three days driving, followed by three days in Ohio at my aunt’s house, followed by two days driving, followed by one day shopping, and finally one day driving home.  So it was a real mix of restaurant eating and in-home eating. 

The restaurant eating was generally easier to manage because there were so many options.  For our hotel nights, we opted for a hotel that had breakfast included, so I was able to have eggs and sausage and yogurt and fruit.  Lunches were simple because I typically have a salad for lunch and pretty much any fast food joint has salads these days.  We hit a LOT of Subways on the road.  And suppers were easy because most restaurant main courses give you a choice of sides so you can pick lower-carb options. 

Also helpful was the travel-sized Calorie King book given to me by my kick-ass pharmacist!  (Yeah, that’s right.  My pharmacist kicks ass.  Not in a ninja sort of way, but in a pharmacist sort of way.  If someday I find out that he’s also a ninja I’ll dedicate an entire post to that subject.  I promise.)  It had carb information on a wide variety of items from a wide variety of restaurants in it, which came in very handy and eliminated a lot of the guesswork and eyeballing. 

Eating in homes was a bit more challenging, but ended up being much easier than I anticipated.  Both of the homes we stayed in had other low(ish) carb eaters in them, and everybody was very accommodating of my food choices!   I also brought some of my own food along, and did a little grocery trip when we got to Ohio, so I was really able to eat most of the same things I would have been eating at home!

That said…I won’t pretend that I didn’t loosen my self-imposed restrictions a little while travelling.  And I won’t pretend that said restrictions didn’t get looser as time wore on.  I also won’t pretend that my diabetes control didn’t suffer the consequences of said loosening from time to time, nor will I pretend that I felt as good as I do when said restrictions are tighter.  But hey, I like food and I like carbs and sometimes you have to just let yourself give in a bit, right?  Right. 😉

I was curious to see whether I would gain some of my weight back over this trip, too.  I’m don’t recall whether I’ve written about this previously, but I’ve lost somewhere between 15 and 20 lbs since starting to eat low(ish) carb.  Some of it is definitely due to running after my baby daughter, but a large factor in the weight loss has been my diet.  As it turned out, I only gained a couple of pounds over the course of the trip, and I’m blaming water-retention thanks to the higher sodium content of most restaurant food, because within a couple of days back home I had lost it again.  Honestly, I was kind of surprised!  Pleasantly surprised, but surprised nonetheless!

Anyway, while it wasn’t always easy to choose salad over sub (or Big Mac) or veggies over pasta, and while my bloodsugar did take a few excursions of its own during my excursion, I’d say that it was a lot easier than I expected, and that it all worked out pretty well…Cheat Day aside!


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