Cheat Day

This year was my first Mother’s Day with an outside-of-me baby.  On Mother’s Day my aunt had a huge dinner at her house with so…much…food!  I decided that, since I’ve been doing so well with my low(ish) carb diet, and since I’m such a fantastic mother (IMHO), I would treat myself to a “Cheat Day” and eat whatever I wanted.  Not as much of whatever I wanted as I wanted….but some of whatever I wanted.

It was delicious.

So delicious.

I ate homemade rolls and hashbrown casserole and my aunt’s nearly-famous ham balls in some sort of sweet & sour sauce. 

I ate jello.  Orange jello with pieces of fruit in it. 

I ate homemade applesauce.

I ate rhubarb pie – the creamy, custardy kind.  With ice cream.

I ate some sort of puddingy cakey whipped-creamy dessert that can only be described as decadent.

I ate.  A lot.  And it was good.  So good.

But part way through the meal, something happened.  While my bolus was ticking away, I got the familiar pump vibration on my hip, and looked down to see the nastiest of all nasty pump messages:  “No Delivery”.  Fabulous.

The problem with the “No Delivery” is that you never know if your infusion set actually let some insulin through before the problem hit.  It takes a couple of units of “pressure” before the “No Delivery” message kicks in, so at the point that the message appeared, I may have had 2-3 units and I may have had none. 

As I was in the middle of feeding my face (hmm…some of these latest posts are making me sound a bit gluttonous…I’m really not), I figured I’d give it another try.  I punched in the bolus again and my pump started counting up the units again like a happy healthy little pump.  Yay!

But then another vibration and another “No Delivery”.  Not so yay.

So at this point I changed the infusion set.  I had no idea if I had six units or zero units at this point, so I tried to pick a nice happy number in the middle, punched it in and waited.  This time it worked.  Whew!

As it turned out, I either had gotten virtually no insulin in the first two attempts or I had grossly underestimated the number of carbs I had actually eaten.  (The latter is at least as probable as the former.)  My bloodsugar ended up quite a bit too high that afternoon, but a quick correction bolus took care of that…

…just in time for me to head over to my Grandparents’ house for dessert.  😉

Yeah, that’s right.  My Grandma wanted to have us over for dessert that evening.  I was significantly more restrained there, but still managed to put away a couple of different sugary treats.  *Sigh*  I miss carbs…

So, while it wasn’t exactly a roaring success, my Cheat Day was definitely enjoyable, but also a good reminder of why I don’t eat like that every day!


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  1. Posted by Cin on May 25, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    Girl, you are a FABULOUS mom !!!! A little cheat every so often is not such a big deal. Not like it was back when I was diagnosed and my mom was told “No sugar at all unless low or she will die”. That type of message will definitely put the fear in you.


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