I Got Inked!

Yesterday I got my very first tattoo!

I’m not really the sort of person who you’d expect to get a tattoo:

1. I’m an accountant.  Tattoos don’t quite fit the stereotype.

2. I hate needles.  Or at least I used to.

3. I’m terribly indecisive and frequently think “why did I do that?” about pretty trivial things; therefore, permanent changes make me nervous.

But, in spite of #1, #2 and #3 above, I got a tattoo.

In all honestly, I’ve toyed with the idea before, but I could never think of a picture/design/word/etc. that I knew for sure I would never regret  permanently adding to my body. 

Enter my baby girl and the absolutely huge love I have for her and always will . . . no matter what.  That’s a permanence I’m pretty darn comfortable with.

So yesterday I got my daughter’s initials tattooed on my lower back!  Here’s a pic:

My First Tattoo

My First Tattoo

I love it!!  Big thanks to Aarom at Iron Lotus!

I was pretty nervous going in, because I really didn’t know what to expect in terms of pain.  After Aarom perfected the design on paper, stencilled it on my back, and got the okay from me, he got started.  He did the first line and I was actually pleasantly surprised – it really wasn’t bad at all!  My friend had said ahead of time that it feels kind of like someone dragging a safety pin firmly across the surface of your skin, and I found that description to be pretty accurate. 

Now, as you may recall, I have a history of getting woozy from needles (this also includes a few near-faints during laser treatments for retinopathy).  I’ve gotten so much better about it lately, though, so I really wasn’t sure if it would be a problem during the tattoo process.  When the pain ended up being very manageable and I had settled into a conversation with Aarom, I figured I’d be fine. 


Within a few minutes I was starting to feel light-headed, which seriously irked me, since I thought I was doing fine!  Instead of letting myself hit the floor, I told Aarom.  We took a break and I had some water to drink while my face returned to its normal colour and my body to its normal temperature (some major overheating was happening thanks to my body’s “What are you doing to me?!” response).  While an embarassed Bethany apologized to Aarom for the delay, he and one of the other artists told me it was perfectly normal and entertained me with stories of big tough guys who actually passed out during or after their tattoos.  I felt better 🙂

Once we got going again I had no more problems.  It was a breeze and I paid virtually no attention to the discomfort and focused instead on Aarom’s explanation of the Bosch painting in front of me.  (Apparently Bosch was a major influence of Dali, who is one of my favourite artists!  But that’s neither here nor there in the context of this post…) 

Anyway, it only took about 20 minutes, and it was only a pretty fine script, so I guess I can’t pretend to be too tough, but I’m definitely very happy with the end result! 

It’s a good thing that I’m happy with it, too, because if we end up having another child at some point, it’s pretty much a given that I’m going to have to get another tattoo. 🙂


One response to this post.

  1. Hurrah! It’s a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Plus, it’s like planning for the future – how can she rebel now?? By NOT getting tattooed? At least, I hope that works in my favour if I ever have kids. It’s worth waiting until you’re very sure about something you’re inking into your skin, but this is lovely, well done, and very very meaningful.
    Apparently when I get tattoos I’m a “nose-scruncher”. The guys at the last place I got inked told me it’s one of the more rare techniques, but their favourite because it looks goofy. I’m a cute girl so I was less goofy than some of the big tough guys, but they all still stood around and laughed. Just a little. (that was the part that’s close to my armpit, though! It hurt!)


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