My Weird Shower

This morning I changed my infusion set in conjunction with my shower.  For whatever reason, I don’t normally do this.  Also, I wasn’t wearing a CGMS sensor because my CGMS and I aren’t on speaking terms lately.

What it meant was that I showered with nothing attached to me. 

It was pretty weird.

Normally I’m dodging an infusion set and a CGMS sensor with my bath puff.  Normally, even in the buff, I’m not really naked – what with these high-tech doo-dads stuck to my abdomen.

I’m not used to the non-bionic version of me.

I still dodged the non-existant set and sensor out of habit.

Like I said, it was weird.

It’s also weird that it’s weird…that I’ve become more used to myself with this stuff than without.  


That’s all.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by D on April 14, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    Funny because I understand you completely. In a weird way, morning shower without a D set in is very liberating, yet weird. I’m more used to my bionic self.


  2. You want to hear really weird? Try going off the pump for a while, and totally not being bionic – now that’s a strange feeling! On my Pump Hiatus and it’s both refreshing and depressingly odd to feel so free for a bit. But, at least the showering and sleeping are gadget-free, for the moment.


  3. Totally get ya! Even after I take stuff off I’m all extra cautious in the shower worried that I’ll knock or pull something off! Then I remember it’s not there anymore. 🙂


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