Linkable Links

I’m adding some links to my site today and I thought I’d introduce them here first! 

  1.  Six Until Me – My current favourite diabetes blog!  Kerri’s a great writer and I can really relate to her posts since she’s also a diabetes veteran and is also on a pump.  She’s currently days away from having her first baby, so she’s doing/done the diabetes-and-pregnancy thing too.  Very relatable and entertaining!  Love it!
  2. Life as a Pregnant Diabetic – This is my pregnancy blog from last year.  I’ve talked about it already, so I won’t add any more here.
  3. Unrestricted Tastes on Restricted Diets – A blog by Chef Barrae featuring some delicious diabetes-friendly recipes!  I have yet to find a recipe I didn’t enjoy on this site!
  4. Managing the Sweetness Within – Another fantastic diabetes blog!  This one has some great pregnancy-related content.
  5. Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes – The website for a book written by Cheryl Alkon, who also writes Managing the Sweetness Within (see #4 above).  The book is coming out in April 2010 and features the experiences of a variety of women….including me!
  6. The Diabetes Resource – “Your ultimate guide for everything diabetes related!”  I think that pretty much says it all!
  7. The Diabetes Talkfest Blog – Yet another great diabetes blog!  This one is by Gina Capone, who manages The Diabetes Resource (see #6 above).
  8. Diabetes Forums – An online diabetes community covering a wide variety of diabetes-related topics.  I’ve made a number of good friends here!

 Now go check ‘em out!


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