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12 of 12 – March

So last month I was only one day late, but today I’m actually posting my 12 of 12 on the 12th!  Wow!  (Don’t expect it to ever happen again.)

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

It’s another weekend 12 today, and I spent pretty much all day with my daughter, so it’s a bit kid-heavy (in spite of the fact that she’s not really in any of them…sort of).  Here they are!

1. Reading the local paper this morning.  Poor Japan. :(  Thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost in this tragedy.

2. By this time we’d already been up for about an hour.  I thought it was a bit too early for a Saturday, but the kid disagreed.  I didn’t notice that the picture was blurry when I took it.  I guess my eyes were still blurry too.

3. Breakfast – Balkan yogurt with pineapple.  Plus my handy dandy food scale that helps me carb count!  That was $40 well-spent!  (The scale, I mean.  The breakfast didn’t cost that much.)

4.  My daughter loves Dora.  This is a sleeping bag she got as a hand-me-down.  I’m not sure it’ll ever be used as a sleeping bag, but it’s definitely getting a lot of use as a blanket (see another photo closer to the end for an example) and as a mat for playing “Ring Around the Rosy” with Mom and Dad or with her dolls.  The other day she saw a picture of Strawberry Shortcake and said “Dora!!”  It made me feel old.

5. This is my purse in preparation for going to the grocery store.  It contains 2 diapers, bum wipes, anti-bac wipes, Cheerios in a non-spill snack cup, and my bloodsugar monitoring equipment.  What’s in your purse?

6.  Winnipeg experienced a blizzard last night.  Good thing we weren’t planning a BBQ for today.

7.  Some treats for me from the grocery store.  Chocolate and cheese – my two favourites!

8. I recently bought these yoga socks online.  They have rubber stickies on the bottom so as to be grippy.  That way I can take them along when I travel instead of bringing my mat!  They sure make my toes look stubby.

9. These are the gloves that go with the socks.  They would make me feel kind of tough if they weren’t make of wool and didn’t have little rubber bumps all over the palms.

10.  Taking the dog for a walk after the aforementioned blizzard.  Ugh.  It was a lot of trudging.

11.  Dora makes another appearance.  The kid is reading her book about 100 Words under the blanket.  Sorry the picture’s so blurry…this was Take 4 already.

12.  Yay for magnetic fridge letters!

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by!

12 of 12 – February

Look!  I’m actually posting a 12 of 12 only one day late this month!  (Although I suppose posting on the 13th is probably allowed.) 

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

Yesterday my husband and my daugheter and my dog and I all loaded up into the van in the morning and took a trip out to Nana and Grandpa’s house (i.e. my parents) in a nearby town.  Here are the pictures….

Breakfast Option #3

1. The kid was being picky at breakfast today.  (As it turned out, she was picky all day, didn’t want any supper, and then developed a fever, so I guess we’re starting a new virus here.  Fun.)  Cereal #1 was a failure.  Cereal #2 was a failure.  Thankfully peanut butter toast was a moderate success.

Feeding a hypo

 2. My bloodsugar has been low all week.  Well, low during the days, high during the nights.  So I’ve been seeing a lot of this pantry these days.  When I’m low, I tend to flip on the light in here, and stand in the entrance staring at all of this and trying to find something that will fix my hypo, but also that will be a fun treat to eat.  I went low in the morning before we left the house, so I did the pantry-search yet again.

Rural Manitoba driving in February

 3. On the road to Nana and Grandpa’s house.  It was actually not very cold (just around freezing), but the snow was blowing around a fair bit and the highways were a bit slick.  It’s pretty common around here to see a snowmobiler riding in the ditch beside the highway. 

Valentine's cookie

4. My mom doesn’t bake much but she does like to feed us goodies when we come over.  This HUGE store-bought Valentine’s cookie was delicious.  I’ve been trying to avoid sweets like this lately, but as I said, my bloodsugar’s been low a lot.  Plus everyone needs a treat from time to time, right?


5. This bush is right under my parents’ eavestrough and has apparently been collecting icicles in the warmer weather.  I thought it was pretty, so I snapped a pic.

Getting ready for a walk…

6. Since it was relatively warm out, we decided to take the kid and the dog for a walk.  There’s nothing much cuter than a toddler dressed up in winter wear!  (This was before we realized she was getting sick.)

Walking in a winter wonderland?

 7. We’ve had a LOT of snow this year.  This picture shows some of the big snow piles at the end of the yards, but it really doesn’t do it justice.  On our street the City has had to move snow off of the yards a few times because there’s just no more room to pile up street snow and driveway snow!  That will likely spell flooding for spring, unfortunately.

Kiddie crafts

8. These two little guys are some of my elementary school art projects.  The one in the front is a golfer and the one in the back is a farmer.  I think my brother made the rock.  The dinosaur tail you see sticking in from the corner is also his.  He used to love those dino skeleton puzzles!


9. My dad has a very cool flight simulator on his computer, and has the whole set-up for it with multiple screens, yoke, foot paddles, etc.  Here’s my hubby taking a little trip on it.

Chuck on PVR

10. When we got home and got the little one into bed, we did a bit of catching up on our PVR’ed shows from the week.  Yeah, yeah, I know Chuck is pure cheese, but for some reason we still watch it. 

Free samples

11. This past week I picked up some stuff for my mom at the Clinique Counter and they gave me some free samples.  She didn’t want all of them, so I got them!  Yay free stuff!


  12.  I was freezing before bed, so this little hot water bottle came to bed with me.  Mmmm….toasty!

That’s all for February!

12 of 12 – January

This month’s 12 of 12 is far less interesting than last month’s Vegas Edition.  This is the Office Worker and Mom edition.  :P  (And it’s late again!  Gah!)   

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

1. Yep.  That’s me.

2. You know that long black puffy parka with the fur-rimmed hood that everybody has?  I have it too.  So much for being original.

3. Downtown Winnipeg on a foggy winter morning.  At least a foggy winter morning is generally warmer than a sunny winter morning!

4. Best. Travel. Mug. Ever.  We have four of these.  They don’t leak and they keep your drink hot (or cold, if you so desire) for hours!  And they were only $20 for 2 at Costco!  This one contains Refresh tea by Tazo.

5. Groan.

6. Part way through the day our daycare lady emailed me to say that my daughter’s temperature was 99.8 degrees fahrenheit.  (She’s been sick and it was her first day back at daycare after two days at home.)  The limit for staying at daycare is 100 degrees fahrenheit, so this was my warning that I might have to come get her.  I’m a celsius girl, so I had to do the Google conversion and see for myself how high her temperature actually was.

7. Great song!  It reminded me of spring when I got this album and listened to it ad nauseum for a number of weeks.  Oh spring, will you ever come again?!

8. My daughter’s favourite Christmas present.  She loves this book about “Emmo”.  Her daddy was playing hockey that night so we had “girls night” and spent some of it reading about Elmo’s Busy Day.

9.  We also spent some of it watching Sesame Street (on PVR).  In this episode, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel teach us about being allergic to something.  Idina is allergic to feathers, so the chicken is making her itch.  I didn’t even realize these two were married.  I learned something today.  Thanks!

10. Supper time.  Since we were on our own we opted for leftovers night: pork tenderloin, boiled dill potatoes and frozen peas.  It was actually pretty good for leftovers!  (32g of carbs, if anyone’s counting.)

11. This picture didn’t really turn out (I was using my camera phone this month), but our daycare lady sent the kid home with an Avon catalogue for me and these super cute kids’ towels were in it!  I really wanted to get one, but my husband convinced me that $20 is too much for a kid’s towel.  But so cute…!

12. With the husband home and the baby in bed I had some me-time for yoga!  Yay!  (Why is yoga gear always purple?)

That’s all for this month’s 12!

12 of 12 – December: The Vegas Edition!!

 This month’s 12 of 12 is coming to you from Vegas!!!  (Sorry it’s a bit late – I had to wait until I got home to post.)  I just got back from 5 days there with my good friend Michelle.  We had a blast!!  I guess I cheated a bit this month because some of the pictures were actually taken by Michelle (because I wanted to be in them).  Hopefully you can forgive me for that!   

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

My yoga view

1. This was the view out of our hotel window.  It was actually a much more panoramic view than the picture provides, but the lighting was bad and I was getting window reflections so this is all you’re getting.  I got to stare at the Wynn and down the strip out of my window at the Encore while doing yoga in the mornings.

Silly sock puppet

 2. This is a silly, but expensive, sock puppet that I bought for my daughter.  She really likes puppets, and giggled at this one when I gave it to her yesterday.

Breakfast dessert

 3.  We treated ourselves to the Wynn buffet breakfast/brunch.  There was a huge dessert station at the buffet.  These were my breakfast desserts.  You can’t tell, but they’re actually tiny.  Just a couple of inches tall. Yummy!

More breakfast dessert

 4. Also for “breakfast dessert”, I tried a couple of these marshmallow lollypops.  So good!  Good thing my pump was loaded with insulin!

Halle borrows my insulin pump

 5. Speaking of insulin, on our trip to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum I was kind enough to lend my pump to fellow diabetic, Halle Berry! 

The view from my pool lounger...ahhh....

 6. After Tussaud’s we had a bit of a sit in the lounge chairs by the pool.  It wasn’t quite swimming weather (almost), but this Winnipeg girl sure enjoyed reading a magazine in the sun in a t-shirt in the middle of December!

Crazy lamp

 7.  These lamps (this is just the base) were all over the Encore.  Wacky!

One of many hallways

 8.  This is one of many long empty hallways that I walked down to get to the Wynn Business Center (the Encore Business Center was closed) to mail a Las Vegas postcard to my friend Mike S.  Every time I turned a corner there was another hallway just like this.  There must have been at least 7 before I got there – I’m not even kidding!

What's missing here?

 9.  Our elevator was missing floors 40-49!  For the 5 days we were there, we tried to figure out whether they weren’t there at all (i.e. floor 50 is actually floor 40) or whether the elevator just skipped by them (i.e. they were accessible by another elevator).  Since the wait between 39 and 50 was the same as the wait between 38 and 39, I’m opting for the former…but I don’t understand what the reason for this would be.

Ain't she sweet?

 10.  This Statue of Liberty at the New York New York hotel is made entirely of Jelly Belly candies!  Yum!

MGM Lions

 11.  It was impossible to get a picture of these big cats without flash and casino lights in the glass, but here are the MGM lions.  Notice that there are some people hanging out in there with them.  It was kind of weird to see.  I felt a bit sad for these guys (the lions).  Apparently they actually live on a ranch somewhere near Vegas, but still…what lion wants to spend hours of his or her day in a casino?

Mr. Copperfield

12.  The last major activity of the day was the David Copperfield magic show!  We quite enjoyed it!  Mr. Copperfield is actually quite a funny man.  We were, however, curious as to what exactly makes a magician “Grade A”. 

For next month’s 12 of 12, we’re back to Winnipeg!  Don’t get too excited…..  ;)

12 of 12 – November

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

And now on to a little background for this month’s 12.  November 12th (yesterday) was a Friday.  Normally on Fridays I’m home with my daughter.  But this Friday was a gotta-get-lots-done Friday, so I sent her to daycare and I spent the day running around.  The thought of hauling my big camera around on all my errands really wasn’t appealing at all, so this month’s 12 are brought to you courtesy of my Blackberry camera.  I actually really enjoyed the convenience of using a camera phone, so I may do this again in future months! 

Anyway….here they are!

My pancreas

1.  The day started out with me forgetting to bolus with breakfast.  Damn.  Here’s me taking a late bolus.  For those of you not familiar with diabetes-speak, the above gadget is an insulin pump.  I’m connected to it all the time, and it gives me insulin just like a pancreas – except that I have to tell it how much to give me…and when.  I kind of missed the “when” part of that at breakfast, causing a pretty swift spike in my bloodsugar, which in turn resulted in a groggy (and grumpy) me.  Don’t worry, I got it all under control.   

Winnipeg winter windshield

2.  At this point I was already running a bit later than I’d hoped.  I wanted to get out the door by 7:30 am, but it was more like 8:00 am already.  So I wasn’t exactly impressed with having to scrape a thick layer of frost/ice off all of the car windows.  Although, I probably should have anticipated needing to do this, given that it’s mid-November and I live in Winnipeg.  (To be fair, it’s not really “winter” yet, but the caption sounded better with three w’s rather than a “wfw”.  Oh no…in writing “wfw” have I just inadvertently used some sort of terribly inappropriate internet acronym?)

Impulse buy

3.  I’m notorious for impulse buys.  Not notorious among the general public, but among my family.  Okay, among my husband.  Anyway, today’s impulse buy was cheap.  It was this nifty gadget (did I really just say “nifty”?) for draining canned tuna, veggies, or fruit.  I was honestly just thinking on Thursday that I needed a better way to drain fruit cans!  Yes, that sounds facetious, but it isn’t!  I really was!  I blend and freeze canned fruit for my daughter, and if there’s too much juice left in it it’s way too runny, so this is really going to come in handy!

The missing list

4.  After forgetting to take my life-sustaining medication with breakfast, running behind schedule, and having to scrape the car windows on a chilly morning, I also ended up having to do my grocery shopping sans grocery list.  It was simply nowhere to be found….until I got home and found it folded neatly on the counter, just where I left it.  *Sigh.*  But guess what?  Apparently my memory is fantastic, because I remembered to get everything on it (plus the above-noted “nifty” gadget)!  Yay me!

I bought this sweater!

5. My next stop was the mall for a few winter wardrobe items…including this sweater!  The colour and the the texture totally won me over.

R - Dub

6.  One of my favourite stores – RW & Co!  They just recently opened up a few locations in Winnipeg.  Finally!


7.  I had a hair appointment at 12:30, and didn’t exactly leave time for lunch, so I picked up this mediterranean salad with chicken at the food court at the mall and ate part of it in the car in the parking lot and part of it during my hair appointment.  The salad came from Cultures.  It, plus a water bottle, cost me over 12 dollars.  Over 12 dollars for a food court salad and water!  But it ended up totally being worth it.  It was so good, and so fresh…and huge too (the picture doesn’t do it justice)!  I’m pretty sure there was almost a whole chicken breast in it.  In spite of the cost, I’d definitely get it again.

At this point I spent a couple of hours in the salon, getting a trim and some new highlights.  I tried to take a picture of the new hair, but it didn’t turn out (the hair did, the picture didn’t).  Then I went back to the mall for some stuff I ran out of time for in my first round.  On my way out I saw a guy get pinned to the ground by another guy, and a bunch of security guards rushing in their direction.  No picture of that either.   

The drive home

8.  Last week was the “fall-back” time change, so now it’s getting dark early. This was taken at 4:15 pm.  I love the sun, so this time of year gets me down a bit.

The 2nd pump in my November 12.

9.  The low-fuel light went on in the car on the drive home, so I stopped for some gas.  Exciting, eh?  No, that’s not my truck.

Something special for my man

10.  Last stop before supper was the liquor store for a little gift for my husband.  He’s been doing a lot at home lately while I’ve been really busy with work, plus both our daughter and I have been sick.  I wanted to get him a little thank-you, and what says “thank you” better than whiskey? 

Costco, you're killing me!

11.  After supper I made a quick stop at Costco for some things.  These big boxes of Smarties made my bloodsugar go up just looking at them!  Who needs that much chocolate?!  I mean really!! For the record, our Smarties in Canada are not the same as your Smarties in the U.S.  Our Smarties are way better!  They’re candy-covered chocolate.  Like M&Ms only better.  So good! 

Last stop of the day

12.  The last stop of the day was Home Outfitters.  It was a bust, though.  They had nothing of what I needed.  Bah.

I ended my day by watching a couple of PVR’ed shows with my hubby and then hitting the hay early.  All that running around was exhausting!

That’s it for this month!

12 of 12 – October

I almost didn’t manage 12 of 12 this month.  It was a busy day yesterday and a rough day too.  My husband’s family had all been crashing at our house for the weekend because of (Canadian) Thanksgiving as well as my husband’s grandfather’s funeral, plus we had 2-3 viruses circling around adding to the chaos.  As a result, most of my photos were taken either between 2:30pm and 4:00pm or between 9:00pm and 9:30pm.  They aren’t especially creative, and for that I apologize.  They also don’t really represent my day, but for that I don’t apologize – trust me, you don’t want representation of the rest of the day! 

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

So much laundry....

 1. With one bed, one hide-a-bed, one air matress, one couch, and one twin mattress in use this weekend, plus our bed (with a flu-ridden husband in it) and my daughters crib…and all the towels that all those people use, we had a LOT of laundry to do yesterday.  This is load #1 of….a lot.

Who needs toys?

 2. For all the toys my daughter owns, the things she most likes to play with aren’t even toys.  For example, this pie plate, left over from Thanksgiving dessert – pumpkin pie!  It makes a great cymbal!

To brighten my day!

 3. In the midst of all the chaos at our home in the last week, my lovely friend decided that I needed a pick me up and sent me these flowers!  Lucky me!  It worked!


 4.  My all-time favourite trail mix – Kirkland brand from Costco!

Thanksgiving leftovers

 5. Our fridge full of leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner.  We’re slowly making our way through them.

City lot with a country view

 6.  We live in the city, but are on the edge of a development, so we have a farmer’s field behind our house.  Since my husband is a farm boy and I’m a town girl, we really love our country view!

Minimalist sick-day grocery list

 7. In spite of being sick, we still needed groceries for us and for the little one.  I wrote out this list yesterday and dragged myself to the grocery store this morning once my Advil kicked in.  Baby food, sick food, and ingredients for the mother-of-all-sickfood…..turkey soup!  (It’s cooling on the stove right now!)

The party's over, baby!

 8.  Looks like my daughter’s “baby” partied a little too hard this weekend.  From time to time we find her passed out behind the curtain like this, which makes me suspect that this doll has a bit of a wild streak.

Dwight Schrute

 9.  We watched a PVR’ed episode of The Office last night, so I thought it appropriate to include a photo of bobblehead Dwight.


 10.  I was daydreaming about this all day…until about 9:30pm when I “hit that”.  The pillow, I mean.


 11.  Work I had to bring home on this already-chaotic weekend.  Bad timing.

Skittles lip balm!

12.  I’m not usually into all the funky lipbalm flavours, but I got this one from my aunt and I have to admit I kind of like it!

That’s all for this month!

12 of 12 – September

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell (you can find his website and a bunch of 12 of 12 links here), and has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day on the 12th day of each month.  

If you missed them, you can check out my 12 of 12 for previous months here!

And now, on to the pictures!


 1. Last weekend, my wonderful husband went grocery shopping on my behalf! (Usually it’s my job.)  And when he came home, he had three bunches of these beautiful lillies for me!  I’m so lucky! :)  This weekend (Friday) was our 5th wedding anniversary, and the flowers are still looking pretty good!  They weren’t meant as “anniversary flowers” but they’ve sort of morphed into that.

Do YOU think it matches?

 2. On Thursday I bought a suit – or at least I thought it was a suit.  I bought pants, a skirt, and a blazer.  But when I got them home I realized that the pants actually weren’t exactly the same as the skirt and blazer.  So I’ve been stewing about whether it’s a close enough match to keep them.  In the picture above, the blazer is on the left, the skirt is on the right, and the pants are at the bottom.  In the end I decided they were close enough to keep them.  (The lighting above isn’t exactly true to life.)


 3.  My mother-in-law was visiting this weekend and brought a new puzzle for my daughter!  That reminded me that we actually had some other puzzles for her that my friend had given us when she was first born, so I pulled those out too.  She loved them!  In the picture above, the farm puzzle is from Grandma and the animal one is from Auntie Mimi.

Baby shoes!

 4.  (I just noticed there’s a “4” in the picture!  What a coincidence!)  Last month I gave you a picture of shoes and a picture of baby feet.  This month it’s baby shoes!  I just love these :)

So many apples....

 5.  Our apple trees have been exceptionally fruitful (literally) this year, so we decided to freeze a bunch of them for apple crisps, applesauce, etc.  This is the 2nd batch already, and it went much faster than the first, because this time my husband did all the peeling for me! 


 6. This afternoon I went on a major shopping trip for fall/winter work clothes.  Last winter I was on mat leave and the winter before that I was wearing maternity clothes, so I was in desperate need of an upgrade.  Plus, I’m about 3-4 sizes smaller now than I was before I got pregnant, so I really had virtually nothing for fall/winter.  After last week’s trip to RW&Co. and today’s trip to Mexx and Smart Set, I think I’m good to go!  And now I can wear my new clothes to go to work and earn enough money to pay off the credit card bill from this week… 


 7. My dog Murphy.  Just because he’s so handsome. :)


 8. Since the weather was nice today, and since my mother-in-law was over, we decided to BBQ steak for supper.  Mmm….steak!  In case any of you are wondering, my daughter does not eat a whole steak by herself.  It’s just that none of us are willing to share ours with her, so we need to get her a separate one!

Mmm....steak and potatoes and broccoli!

 9. Here’s the finished product, along with some boiled baby potatoes and some steamed broccoli!  (That’s 25g of carbs!)  There’s also a small glass of red wine there, but it didn’t fit in the picture.


 10.  After supper I washed my new clothes. (Or at least the ones that weren’t dry clean only.  Don’t you hate dry clean only?!  Ugh!)  Because I’m relatively short (5’5″), I typically need to get all my new pants hemmed before I can wear them, so I wanted to make sure to wash them first so they would do any shrinking that they’re going to do before I get them hemmed rather than after.

All ready for tomorrow!

 11.  This is my work bag, all ready to go for tomorrow!  I finally bit the bullet and bought a Lug bag..and I love it!  They really are as good as everyone says!  The other bag is all of my new pants ready to go to the tailor’s for hemming – as long as the two remaining pairs that were washed tonight are dry by the time I leave tomorrow morning!


12. I got this ring from my husband 5 years ago!  Yesterday we went on an anniversary date, and before we went I realized how dirty the diamond had become, so I gave it a good cleaning.  I had forgotten how sparkly it is when it’s clean!   Obviously the photo doesn’t do it justice.  Strangely, the location that is best for the sparkle-factor is in the elevator at work.  I’ll have to be sure to admire it tomorrow morning. :)

I hope you enjoyed September’s 12 of 12!


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